Give the desktop notification stack some love



  • FaeAura [ ( . Y . ) ]

    Yeah, so for me the notification bar is outside my screen on the right and I have no idea how to fix it. It's only a recent issue as well. I mean, it's not like the notifications aren't there, I just can't see them as only the smallest edge of it is in my screen.
    On my other laptop, also Windows 7, the notification bar seems to be below everything and not above like before. This needs fixing ASAP.

  • Kuro

    Agreed.... Getting notifications on the primary monitor during gaming is horriffic.. so I've always had Discord desktop notifications turned off...


    Please allow us to put the notifications in ANY corner of ANY display.... and let us configure when they auto-dismiss, including NEVER... For an example of notification config done really well, check out Pushbullet (the mobile to desktop notification unification app)

    I want my Discord notifications to be on my #2 monitor, in the upper-right corner, and NEVER dismiss... That way, when I'm in the zone gaming, I can just ignore them.. but when I have a free moment, I can look over, and dismiss them as I've read or handled them. (This is what I do with pushbullet, but I do it in the lower-right corner of 2nd display)




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