One time payment option for Nitro Classic



  • CarcinogenZ

    i'd like that too

  • ImRock

    You could just buy a yearly one. Its much cheaper and you dont have to worry about it for like, a year

  • CarcinogenZ

    That isnt really much cheaper, thats just 10$ off on 12 months, its still a bit expensive on the long term, and discord would still be making profit from the longer term contracts because theyre confirmed to be a lifetime purchase as opposed to not being sure someone will resubscribe

  • cark

    hmmmmm, so if a year of nitro is $99.99, how much would effectively a lifetime be

  • callie*ੈ✩‧₊˚

    Honestly I liked the idea too! it would be more convenient to get a lifetime purchase (Maybe one day in the future, discord can remove the yearly purchase and change it to a one time purchase + increase the price so it's perhaps a lot more expensive than the yearly one) and discord as an  application will drastically earn more and more money from it and for the rest of the function, it does the same thing when you get nitro like 3 free booster and you can always purchase your server booster if you run out of it. Then again, it's up for discord to decide because I'm not the one responsible. 


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