The TV version of Discord



  • Zacatero
    I honestly wouldn't think the feature would be used enough to make it worth it. I can't imagine that the UI would be good on a TV since your only interface is either your voice or your remote, and Discord with that smaller ability to maneuver, might not be a good thing.
  • e4glenight


    Can you just authorize installation on it ? I'm using shield tv with mouse and keyboard for using shadow !

  • Draconic NEO

    @e4glenight Why not Just install it from Apkmirror

  • the

    Nobody needs this

  • Red1SebR

    I always use this. i sideloaded it with an apk. its fantastic. i miss features like popups that notify me that someone is calling, but thats because its not an official app.

    I use it with my gaming friends. we start a voice chat and then game together. whatever game you play or if it crashes the voicechat remains up. I would like to see it as an official tv app as wel to not miss updates etc.


    EDIT: To remark and the controllabilty. i control it with my controller. it automaticly generates a mousepointer in the app so thats perfect. the interface is scaled to near perfection. little would be needed to make this good.

  • DaNiEl

    i would use it, for example to watch some tv series with friends and talk without having to open discord on your phone.

    would be great to have a discord app for smart tv's

  • Caascada

    I would very much appreciate an Android TV version. I hardly ever use it on my phone but quite a bit on my pc. I have an nvidia shield connected to one of my monitors and usually have it on next to my pc monitor while working/procrastinating.

    I installed the mobile version and it's ok on the tv. There are some things that are not quite working with the navigation though. If i use arrow control keys on either my shield remote or external keyboard it sometimes highlight on the object when i'm toggling through the arrow keys but a lot of the time it doesn't. It can be like no high lightning on where the marker is at in the menu so I get lost and have to either go back and start over or take a chance and just press enter and will open the wrong user/group/room a lot of the time. I'd say it happens at least 50% of the time when i'm navigating the menus.

    It also seems to be quite difficult to leave the room if I happen to enter it by accident. It would be great if one could just press left a couple of times and enter the left side menu with rooms and friends list but it's not possible. If i press the return key on the shield the remote I don't leave the room but the whole application. However I did find it possible to exit the room if I used the navigation keys and scrolled all the way to the top of the chat where the marker will eventually end up on the hamburger menu next to the channel name. once the marker got there I could access the left side menu by pressing left. It works but I think there's room for improvement here.

    I do have the Mouse toggle application installed which makes it possible to get a cursor up in the screen and use it for the functions that apply to the touchscreen aspect of the interface. Once in Mouse/Cursor mode, I can get out of chat rooms and access the left side menu a little faster than when only using the keyboard but the keyboard can't be used while i'm in mouse mode so it can get a little fidgety toggling on and off mouse mode now and again.

    I've also tried Discord on Android TV through the Google Chrome Browser and overall it was a bit more accessible.

    I could for example access the left side menu by just pressing left arrow key using the keyboard but on the Android TV platform I would very much more like to use a dedicated app for chat then a tab in a browser.

    Overall, visually, I think the mobile app looks and feels great on Android TV, it's just these little bits with the navigation that's not so user friendly.

    A good solution for me personally would be to get one of these air mouses to switch quickly between mouse and keyboard.

    That being said, I would really like to be able to use just a physical keyboard for navigating the menus and chatting in Discord when using the app on Android TV.

    I get that there won't be as many people requesting an Android TV app as the mobile app, and as the good folks above me were kind enough to show the OP, by giving him 7 down votes for posting this idea, not everyone is for it. At the same time i'm thinking there shouldn't be that much work needed to get a proper TV version of the app. I could be wrong though.

    I would also like to add that overall i'm enjoying the Discord service and absolutely love the Android TV platform and hope it will keep growing and get more dedicated TV apps. Even though this feature might be less popular, judging by the down votes given to the OP, this is the feedback forum and i'd like to give my mine by requesting this feature and I hope the above description of my use cases will suffice to describe why I think it is needed.

    Good evening!



  • ezcapeHax

    Another vote for a native Android TV app! Would be very helpful.

  • Pichi [F2PGang]

    I get why a good amount of people want discord on game consoles but wouldn't it be smarter to stream directly from the tv screen?

  • Official Weirdo Universe

    Yeah, Itsukish has an AMAZING IDEA! You could voice chat via the voice assistant in selected smart Tv box remotes, and you could text on there too!

  • (~_~🥀Kaido~Sherotagi🥀~_~)

    It would be cool to have discord on a tv I mean we just got a tv for my room ect and I want to put discord on it soooo

  • Torran

    +1 My family has been playing Jackbox games since early lockdown. Would be great to connect it to the TV without setting up the laptop. For now, I'll try to sideload it. As for navigation, Google released Duo for Android TV and it's working well enough. I realize Discord is a bit different, but it seems like at least limited functionality to join streams and answer DM video calls should work well enough.

  • AnOnYmE

    Hello everyone’s ! anybody have a sure link to download discord apk Android in a smart tv? For wait a official licence... Because we play cross platform game and i think it’s will be very useful for me... the phone instead of me it’s a little bit annoying 🙁
    Thank you for yours help

  • Ilav

    It's really easy to add tv support to an Android apk for the Android tv. Just wondering if anyone knows if this would get my account in trouble cause I'm changing the app and they might have automatic checks for that

  • AtesComp

    Imagine a place...where you can actually "get discord for ANY device"... NOT!

  • scorpz

    I just purchased the LG G1 TV. I was looking for a discord app... 

    This would be so helpful ! my friend and I like to watch movies while using discord in the background.
    I use to connect a PC to the TV running Discord and Netflix that way.

    Having Discord run in the background while having the ability to watch Netflix through the tv app would be a game-changer


  • Wait... you mean an Apple TV or Xiamo Mi Box won't let me put my discord calls and streaming up on the TV?? Noooooooo~

  • Vigorousjammer

    Would be great to have this for streaming watch parties with friends.
    Or for video conferencing.
    Or just general voice chat.

    Sure, it wouldn't be great for text chat, but it wouldn't have to be, as long as it supported the rest, I would be content.


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