The ability for certain words to be blacklisted from usernames



  • Xylium

    I mean, you can’t really stop them from doing so ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ People always bypass filters etc. I’m sure they’re smart enough to bypass this too. With that being said, don’t think discord has the ability to do so.

  • lilith

    Also I don't agree with banning swear words from usernames in a global purpose? Slurs? Please do, swear words aren't slurs though... Just tell them to change it or they're kicked, don't make everyone not be able to swear in our usernames 

  • Lesley Gamer 667

    Also remove swear words in messages. THEY ARE USING IT TOO MUCH.

  • Jonathan Pecany

    I agree. Usernames can create hate.


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