Banning users on mobile who have left the server



  • Glenn S

    Yes, for bigger servers this could be a huge issue. Definitely needs to be something to be added

  • Ocelus

    You can ban them with a right click on their username or via a banid with the use of a bot with a command like this

  • Luk

    Go to settings and go to behaviour there you will see developer mode. Turn that on and after that if you click on anyone's profile at the bottom there will be thier ID. Use that to ban them using a bot. It will work. I used Carl bot to ban a guy just now by the command
    !warn 531861862002982904
    The number Above is an ID just an example

  • mart

    Two years later and I'd still like this to be a thing.

  • Silvy~

    Unfortunately it is still not a thing on mobile. It would be a huge help. And no, i don't want to use a bot for this

  • polarbeer

    Please add this so we don't need to rely on using bots for banning users who have left while moderating on mobile.


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