Customisable Date and Time



  • noMAD

    Yes, lack of basic customization is disappointing to say at least.

  • Des Cuddlebat

    I hope iso 8601 would work in this!

  • Pale Dolphin

    Honestly, not everyone that speaks English is using mm/dd/yyyy format, come on, guys, add that customization of date format already!

  • caboosetp

    Bumping this because it would greatly help with server moderation. I'd absolutely love to be able to show my date in yyyy-mm-dd

  • TheMightyBlob

    It should be customizable as in Windows itself. I'm using English but ISO-date (YYYY-MM-DD).

  • MrLee

    Agreed. maybe I'm weird, but I'd like to be able to have English language, American style date format when written out, i.e. August 10, 2019, but dd/mm/yyyy (or even yyyy-mm-dd) when on short format dates, and 24 hour clock.

  • Toffee the Elstiq

    Bump. This would be great.

  • philihp

    YYYY-MM-DD is the standard date format of Canada. Please add an "English, CA" language. I've cancelled my Nitro subscription until this is done, because it's just too confusing and ambiguous to figure out which month 03-02-2021 is in.

  • doom

    It must be done. No question about it.

  • Lyrialtus

    Totally agree. This is a reasonable feature request. And yes, ISO 8601 should be an option too.

  • Dausora

    God knows why they haven’t done this yet. Whole-heartedly agree, this needs to be a thing. I don’t want to change to English US to have the time format I want, and I don’t want the date format used in it, either.

  • ManualCookie

    Hi, I like my UI in English, but I don't want the US-style date-time format.

    Having an ability to customize it would be great! I feel this is more a necessity than an extra thing that should be asked for by the community.

  • FarFutureFox

    Discord should just follow the system’s date and time format. Speaking as a UX designer.

  • Nemesis306

    manualcookie, you can switch to English (UK). It's English again, but there's no PM or AM and the date format is DD/MM/YYYY.

  • Webber

    Bump. Date customizability would be a valuable feature. ISO 8601 should definitely be made available to users.

    Thank you, Discord support team!

  • KougaSarth

    How is this still a thing? In australia we use DDMM and 12hr time.. And it's 1 or the other

  • my_hat_stinks

    This is badly needed, I have no idea why language and date format are coupled in the first place. Or why it doesn't just default to the system format.

    I exclusively use ISO format but for some reason Discord has no option for it.

  • JustAnotherEngineer

    Please add this, it's been two years, I don't see how it's that big of a deal to add something this simple.

  • mincerafter42

    I too would like customizable date and time. Especially ISO 8601! It'd make it much easier for me to read the dates without getting confused by the format

  • CaipirinhaPilot

    So, seriously Discord???

    WTF? I'm pretty disappointed at your lack of quality. So many users and still not fixed? I don't predict a great future for Discord, as for all companies that purposefully ignore their users.

  • smot

    Bumping this up because this really should be in here by now. 

  • Malpkakefirek

    It's been 3 years and still nothing was done... Come on Discord

  • xPxtatoes

    I really love Discord, and am a happy Nitro subscriber...for now. I'm an Am*rican who uses DD/MM as well as 24 and seriously cannot believe that there's no way to change date/time settings absent changing the language. Am I missing something or is this not an update that you could have a junior staff member push out in a day

    I've got plenty of talented friends; I'm sure one of them would love a 1 day unpaid internship at Discord to fix this if your staff can't do it -_-

    3 years down; praying you don't make us wait for a fourth...


  • SAMI

    Can we please get an official support on the official discord app? 

  • julian

    That's what I'm using too, but unfortunately it makes the spell checker UK english too, which is annoying.

  • halfbit

    Agreed. This is a strange and naive lack of capability, given that other platforms I use have supported custom date formats for years.

  • Sun

    Yes we definitely need ISO8601 as an option along with 24 hour time notation regardless of the language selection.  

  • Harain

    hard to believe this actually has to be asked for by so many people...

  • 3 plat 3

    It's been 2 years and it still isn't added??? please add this!

  • latenightmama

    @Adelscott where do I change it to 12H without having to change the date format too ?


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