Allow 0 minute setting for "Push Notification AFK timeout"



  • Bludra

    Also it seems that the feature is broken and sometimes won't send push notifications altogether. Previous post with this issue was officially closed without an answer.

  • Sigma-One

    I very much agree. I would greatly prefer to always get mobile notifications instead of a buggy delay.

  • deffener

    Agree, It's really weird design choice not to have the ability to toggle it. Right now only solution is to not to use desktop app, which in turn makes discord to have same usability for chats as whatsapp (requires phone to be connected, as you must use some random VNC or something..) or less (no desktop usage at all, so that you fokkin get the notifications)

    Most of the time I haven't used my laptop (nor pc) in hours, but its awake in my room. I'm somewhere else and I have no idea someone has even mentioned my @. Kinda makes the platform unusable for any communication that might ever require prompt answers.. Or heck, even might have the need to know that there are new messages.. We've succesfully made news - now with VoIP!


  • TechTheNoob

    100% agree, I think much like hangouts sending those immediately if you are afk from your pc. Sometimes i get 0 notifications and it drives me mad!

  • Zack W

    This is pretty important to me. A few of the computers that I have logged into discord are sometimes used by other members of my family when I'm away or out of the room. This means that I get effectively zero notifications at all when this is the case. I'm also not convinced that some of the platforms I run the client on are properly triggering AFK-ness, and as such, i never get any notifications on my phone unless I close the discord client on all machines altogether.


    IMO, the change made a while back that only sends you push notifications for the first three messages in a conversation you haven't been pinged in was plenty. It would be great if I were able to toggle this on and off, or set the timeout to zero.

  • TechTheNoob

    Either that, or have it send number notifications of discord isn't focused on.

  • SavageFairy

    My work uses Discord as a primary means of communication and I cannot take any real breaks since I need to stop my break for any important thing that involves me.  However,  I need to leave the desktop app open but when on break I cannot just wait for a ping to tell me something's come up.  I need to COMPULSIVELY check my phone to make sure I'm not missing anything that requires immediate attention.  It's not fair but I need to deal with it.  (Psst, Discord team,  this is where you step in and fix the problem before businesses ditch your platform *wink wink*)

    It doesn't make sense from a marketing standpoint for Discord to ignore such a requested feature that would help so many...

  • johnathan

    I feel like the company is trolling its ill give you the bare minimum amount of minuets until you're notified that you received a message.. out until the worst amount of minuets until you're aware that someone messaged you...but 0 minuets, nope cant do that for you, that's out of the question. 

    @support: get this fixed

  • japzone

    Please fix this! A 0 minute option or whatever, just make it possible!

  • CliffRai

    if I'm playing a game on my PC (fullscreen most likely) then I probably won't notice desktop discord go off, so I've taken to just shutting it down or temporarily using a browser tab instead so I can get notifications on my phone (hopefully, but android notifications just disappearing into the ether sometimes is a separate issue)

  • Zifnab

    Just chiming in that I find this incredibly frustrating. I turned off my desktop notifications because honestly, the way windows handles notifications kinda sucks - but i STILL WANT those notifications on my phone, every time, and it pisses me off how many messages I'm missing because those notifications are hidden from me :(

  • Erunaraina

    I have missed so many important messages because I was looking at Discord on my desktop and stepped away with my phone in my pocket, only to find myself back at the PC later with the app still in focus and all of my missed messages. I don't care that one of my *devices* sent a read receipt, that isn't a guarantee of anything. This experience is so incredibly frustrating. It seems so simple to allow all notifications to go to mobile.


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