Notification Popups



  • lollilol

    I think what you mean are the windows built in notifications. That problem isnt caused by discord, rather Windows. You have to change it in Windows. If you cant, you cant.

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  • Leo

    Not on Windows 7 and 8.1


    Discord only uses the Windows built-in notification popups on Windows 10. It uses its own custom solution on the other two, and it's been terrible lately. The popup appears in the completely wrong place now, instead of appearing above the notification bar.


    At least on Windows 8 and 7 there has to be an option to disable the popup but keep the sound and orange glow on the taskbar. I honestly don't really need the popup windows at all and would rather disable them than use them in their current state.

    This is how it works now, and it sucks:



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