Feature Request: Advanced markdown (tables, lists, headers and more.)



  • T-CROC

    Yes!  This would be so nice!  It would be awesome if I could just copy and paste my Markdown from standard Markdown Editors!

  • jesusthefrog

    This kind of thing would be nice (more markdown support in general), but what I'm specifically after is a superscript notation, something like enclosing text in pairs of carets to make it easier to communicate mathematical formulas.

    x^^2^^ x b^^2^^ = c^^2^^

  • nubftl

    Would 100% love this, i play D&D and use discord for chatting with other players, would be awesome to be able to add tables etc to the markdown blocks

  • tuxlu

    I'd like to create a ranking system, where you could see a leaderboard, tables would help me a lot!

  • Bonts

    Discord, please please please add table formatting! Markdown has it.

    Or even allow sanitized HTML formatting in a HTML block or something.

  • dark Radon



  • Digitalwar669

    Agreed. Please add

  • zzpza

    I would love to see some basic tables and hyperlinking functionality.

  • dimghero

    Yes, the table tool will be a big an great feature. At least in html format. There are plenty of html table generators. I also have a guild for a game where i am the leader and this feature would help me a lot.

  • silverbass

    Tables would be incredibly useful.

  • kbrock

    Most developers use Github Flavored Markdown in github, but also in gitter and other communication mediums.

    It helps with code formatting and tables really make a difference for making communication more clear.

  • Boltzmann

    How hard could people post a table?

    Very hard, they even create a bot to do so, https://top.gg/bot/714144626080088116

  • Greco

    Agree! These features would be so great.

  • MiaLDN

    So three years on, and still this has gained no traction.

    Even providing enumerated lists would be a great start!

  • Pablo LION

    any news?


  • Alchana

    I'm gonna second this. Discord isn't just used for ordinary text chat anymore. I often need to organize large amounts of text or data, and the formatting that Discord forces (one text size, left aligned, no tables, no lists, no way to evenly space things horizontally without using a code block, which eliminates all other formatting) makes it very difficult to parse. My ideal scenario is one in which you have the ability to send Rich Text or sanitized HTML messages via an editor opened with the plus button.

    This would be an extremely useful feature for me, and additionally give Discord a leg up on Guilded.gg, which currently has Discord beat in every other way as far as my needs beyond plain text chat.

  • Ggwppino

    Yeah, that would be great! Then discord being, as I understand it, based on Electronjs it is essentially a web page and the markdown implementation shouldn't even be that absurd.


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