Separate @everyone and @here, suppress by channel, make @here respect "nothing" and "mute" settings



  • Matt

    People have been requesting this for years.... I am not sure why it's not been done yet!

  • notesoftruth

    Please. A server recently added a new channel that I have ZERO interest in and they use @everyone to advise when they're about to start streaming. I have both set my notifications to "never" AND muted the channel and I still get the red indicator and the annoying red hover text of "new mentions".

    don't want to suppress @everyone server-wide bc there're other channels in the server that I want the notification of an event happening.

  • EvilMoFo

    Since Discord has the dreadful limitation of everyone being in every channel, the inability to adjust the notifications with some granularity is a huge oversight. Other chat platforms simply have a model where you join the channels you want to, thus avoiding this nonsense.

    I would like @nickname mentions to notify me in muted channels and nothing else, they are muted for a reason; instead, I get notified when someone (like an overzealous admin) abuses @everyone in some channel I don't care about and have muted.

    In reading threads about Discord's notification and muting issues, I guess turning off notifications doesn't actually turn off notifications even.

    Are they seriously making a play for Slack's market share in business while they can't figure out how to do notifications correctly?

  • GameStream

    As a server owner I'd really be interested in this too. I don't want to strip my coworkers from the usefulness of @here notifications, and force them to use @Role ones for their department, since @here are in many cases more fitting. Other employees from other departments don't see the @here anyway, but me and other moderators that are not interested in those messages still get unwanted notifications, even if the channels themselves are muted.

    All in all, would really like to be able to mute @here and @everyone per channel.

  • ToddTheSquid

    I had an open ticket so I asked the support guy to forward this as a suggestion to the devteam.

    Meanwhile still waiting on the Tyranny fix rip.

  • Left4Cake

    Also if this did get added adding an option to treat @everyone's as @here would also be nice. Especially for those live stream notification channels like I don't need to see an old notification for a stream that started while I was offline you know.

  • DrCyanide

    As server owner or server mod I shouldn't be summoned every time an @here is used. Either give me a way to leave the channel in question or give me a way to turn off @here notifications.


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