"Override lower roles" setting for permissions



  • No updates on this one? 

    Would be really nice because I have some channels that have the @everyone role blocked so ppl can’t just have access to them. And then I have a role that grants permission to the rest of the server. But then I also have roles that are meant to censor some channels to some users, which conflict with the existing permissions. 

    I’m surprised that the permission does not work by role hierarchy, when everything else seem to work by role order. 

  • towelie

    New UI has broken this even more -- Need this all corrected to reflect Perms of what everyone is use to in the IT world. This concept is not smart.

  • SixxEcho(ロク)

    Wow, I ran into this problem while constructing my new server and find that it's been a known problem for 3 years. My entire server except for the rules channel requires at least one role to see. I made a role that should deny a user the ability to see a channel and placed it above the role that grants them permission because that's obviously how it would work right? Nope. I guess I'll have to rely on my moderators and bot's auto moderation instead of the ability to mute users.

  • Sinshine

    Yea don't count on Discord to fix things that actually matter. They're too busy changing background colors and reaction frame shapes to care.

  • rhys

    How is this still a thing? What is the point in hierarchy? Other than to decide what colour a user’s username is?

  • Hauber

    How is this not fixed?


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