Notification sound through different output


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  • Atrixia

    I need something similar to this. quite a while back an update was pushed through that changed that notification sound setting to where it come through whatever speakers are your dominant speaker. so for me, I no longer get notification pings through my headset, but instead get them through my desktop speakers. It wouldn't be so bad but i miss messages quite often and i can't ever tell when someone new join the channel i'm in. I would love it if you could set up an option to allow us to pick which device we receive notification sounds on. 

    as it is i'm writing this out now because a friend wanted to play Diablo III with me and i didn't hear the ping and being in fullscreen i didn't see the icon light up either. he wanted to play about 2 hours ago and now it's bedtime.

    Thanks in advance if you look into this.


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