Please disable/add option to disable notification # icon for muted channels



  • Klepdar

    I want to get rid of literally all discord notifications except ones that tag me directly.  I'm in a bunch of discord servers that give me notices regularly (for example, streamers announcing they are going live) but I don't want those notifications or even to see that they have popped up on my account at all.  Basically I have a black hole folder of things I never want notifications from but I don't want to leave their discord servers.  I have them all muted, but I still see that I have unread tags in there, I just don't want to ever see the traffic unless I go specifically look at it.

  • koob85

    Big vouch for this. I manage a massive server and get pings from people all the time, and even though I have the server absolutely muted, I keep getting those annoying red number icons.

    Even when the message is deleted, the icon still remains and my OCD goes crazy. I've finally had enough of this. Someone please add this setting before I delete my whole server because I have so many ping notifications. 

  • CROdator

    I was there, support team. I was there three thousand years ago.
    I was there the day the strength of Men failed.


    I was there when the dots took over the muted channels.

    But I have told the program -"mute it" ... "mute it", "until I turn it back on".

    And to this day,
    it is still cursing me with red notification tray icons and the white dots all over the interface..




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