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  • Jonosaa

    This can be done already actually, but it's a little more complicated. You're gonna wanna go into your gallery, find the photo you want to add the spoiler tag to and edit the photo's details. You then have to edit the photo's name. You can name it whatever you'd like, just be sure it starts with "SPOILER_" . Example being "SPOILER_gnome". I've only tested this on an Android phone, but i'm almost certain it would work the same on Iphones. Hope this helped anyone.

  • Monocerus

    We shouldn't have to do a work-around for this, the app should just ask if you want to spoiler an image before posting it.

  • vintprox

    Ain't good, we need less sophisticated way of marking spoiler images on mobile.

  • geekreate

    A workaround for this currently is to get the URL for the image (by DMing an alt or a bot or messaging in a test server of yours, etc., and clicking share button + copy OR uploading to an image hoster) and putting
    || [url] ||
    There must be a space on either side of the spoiler bars and the URL for it to show the actual image (which will be hidden) and not just the link.

  • Assimilater

    For real, how hard is it to add a checkbox like they have in pc? This was the ui update we needed. Not the one they gave us

  • sethcane

    Would love to see this feature better integrated for things other than text. I know that you can highlight the text you want to ||"Spoiler"|| but you cant really do that for anything else. it also isn't really working for the share panel that most phones have for sharing through another app to discord without opening discord. Other media like jpg or gif are also not easy to spoil guard. Just a little better integration would be nice. Great feature just meh on how well it function on different platforms or sharing methods. 

  • Lily

    The || url || thing works so just use it for now until further updates and stuff~

    edit: nice i got negative votes

  • Jake『𝓟𝓢』

    i agree. a work around is just avoiding applying the update to mobile. we shouldn't need a work around!... i'm a nitro user for a long time and i think image spoiler should be an everyone feature for mobile devices. most people use mobile so it only makes sense to implement that. i hope you manage to make everyone such a button! i really like discord but not being able to spoiler images in a simplistic way that desktop/pc can do isn't really ideal. here's to hoping!

  • dfmatos

    but renaming the file is a very uncomfortable situation
    this is a very old function, it should already exist in mobile

  • Mello

    yeah i meant the show spoiler content option on desktop, except mobile doesn't have that option (yet)

  • geekreate

    Jonosaa, just tested this on iPhone and did not work. Thanks for the work around for Android though

  • Skymii Wonderer

    Please do, Discord! Everyone in the servers i’m in tried to manually spoiler tag the images on mobile devices and didn’t work due to the confusion with the steps. Hope you can implemented in the next update!

  • Metzgirl (she/her)

    PLEASE! I rarely have my desktop available and there images on my phone I'd rather not have to download to my computer just to spoiler tag. The work-arounds I've seen aren't functioning because Google in their INFINITE WISDOM decided to make it impossible to change the name of an image on my phone. Thanks Google. 

  • Kasaman

    We have been asking for this simple feature for a year now come on discord staff

  • Cosmos

    I would love this feature, as when I'm playing mobile games with story and want to chat about new chapters with guildmates in Discord. I feel bad posting a screenshot that may have a story spoiler on it because I can't click the option via my phone.

  • Suspense

    that would be cool

  • charitwo
    Yes, please.
  • GhostWolfe 狼憑

    I am seeing more and more users who only have Discord on the mobile.  These people have no need for a computer; either their mobile does what they need, or they have a tablet that does.  It is well past time that Discord gave parity between versions a higher priority.

  • Jendrej

    It’s been nearly two years since spoilers were added and we still need silly manual workarounds.

    Get your asses to work and do it. It is not an impossible feat, god dammit.

  • SSTobius

    Again, renaming the photos is a hassle. We would like to have something like on the desktop version where you can simply click a box to spoiler an image

  • Cr4shMyCar

    I seriously don’t know why this isn’t a thing yet. Adding a checkbox or letting you type /spoiler to spoiler an image on mobile isn’t that big of a task, right?

  • Michael_Calehorn

    this totally hasn't been necro posted a few times, but a easier work around is going into your webapp, logging into discord on there and setting it to desktop view and doing it through there, a lot faster than re naming the file and all these other work arounds.


  • Valcrist

    The fact this in the mobile app yet is an absolute joke

  • emmmma

    @TheSilentPro hi! i figured it out for IPhone. I didn’t bother scrolling through people comments so this very well could have been solved already LOL.

    Ok i needed a spoiler for a video and I’m on my Iphone. Go to your photo/video in your pictures. You are going to press that bottom left button and scroll down and press “Save to Files”. (I actually didn’t have my Files app downloaded so i had to do that prior to this) it’s going to bring you to the Files app. Rename it to “SPOILER_video” Now you’re gonna wanna go back into the files app and actually share the picture or video from within that app. It worked for me!! Hope that was clear. my disc is emmmma#5419 if anyone has questions.

  • Vas

    Seems clear to me that Discord isn't planning to make this feature, they'll just keep forcing people to do some convoluted method of spoilering images from phones. Possibly they just assume that no one would send game screenshots from phones or anything and they don't want people using it for other purposes. Who knows. There are many times when I wanted to spoiler mark an image I took with my phone. Even screenshots from games I played on my phone when those games were in beta mode and I was testing them and reporting info on them to the devs in their discord server. This should have been an option when spoilers first came out, to be made clickable when uploading on the phone.

  • dfmatos


  • MobTron


  • Rainbow_Lucy

    So a lot of people are saying to rename the file to have SPOILER_ in the beginning, but I made undertale fanart that is a spoiler for the game and I renamed it to "SPOILER_Flowey.png" but it still didn't do anything, I'm on an amazon silk tablet btw

  • Dust Trail

    I’ve found it does work on iPhone ya just need to add the image to ya Files app, rename ya pic in their to SPOILER_[picture name] then use the share feature from the Files app to discord

  • Animalover4six

    Every time there is a new update introducing new feature(whether totally new or new to mobile) they still don’t give us spoiler images...come on!!


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