Voice Recognition bot



  • The Meme Lord

    Uhhh........you COULD just open discord overlay in-game...

  • ServerAdmin

    Sounds like a great idea, but you could also write/pay someone to write a bot to do this already. :) 

  • Thongpatrol

    I am not sure how to write something like that. I would rather pay Discord to have this feature as a (add-on).

  • MrBear

    I think its a Wonderful Idea.

    Having the ease of being able to tell a Discord Bot commands by voice.

    Simple Keyword or Phrase, Few commands, Maybe some extra functions.

    Makes me wish I took the right classes while I was in High-school...


    To add onto the idea, I know I have found myself at times unable to know who's either in the server with me or be unaware if Im being picked up properly by discord. Maybe as a Function to who ever sees this and decided to try at it (If there ever will be) A feature where you say "Check Check" and the bot replies with Lima Charlie (Meaning Loud and Clear)

  • OgierKapi

    I will be trying to do something like that, I'm using discord as communication tool on my motorbike, and I thought it would be nice to have a bot that would for example run my Spotify playlist while riding, and when I tell him to pause, then music stops. Currently will be my winter project this time ;)

  • Wolfshards

    Google Assistant or Alexa exist. Maybe this could help. 


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