Hide Friend List from Profile View



  • Rikard91

    Might be useful for folks who randomly join public servers but not much else. 

  • Matcha Chi

    This would be awesome. I just started a server and I am only friends with a short list of people..... but they are friends with MANY others here on discord apparently in our hobby community.

    It's caused me to get a few loudly offended server members over the fact they can see that we have mutuals but I won't add them too. A hidden friends list option would fix that straight away.

    I hope it gets considered....

  • Your Friend

    There is seriously no excuse for the lack of this feature in the digital age. The 'social platform argument', which seems to be commonly employed by anti-privacy people quite often on this site, misses the point of this discussion entirely. 

  • gabe

    2 years later this still needs to be added! Displaying/hiding mutual friends should be a privacy feature. Discord isn't just used by tiny communities of people looking for friends anymore, there are creeps and stalkers who want to see who you're friends with and take advantage of this type of stuff.

  • Grizzly

    He do be right though good point

  • Startraphell

    Very good feature to have right about now, mostly for the purposes of avoiding drama between mutuals that are forcing you to pick between them.

  • Subject Delta

    Is this still not added?!

  • Raven

    We really need to be able to disable mutual friends tab when someone checks your profile


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