Also close to tray when Alt+F4 is pressed and the relevant setting is enabled



  • asheroto

    Since they probably won't fix this, I created a simple solution:

  • RivAngE

    Only now I realised this is a supposingly "feature"!

    I was wondering why my Discord randomly closes completely when I ALT+F4.... OMG just who thought this was a good idea? I have never ever used any other program where ALT+F4 and clicking on X does a different thing from each other.

  • GrandLompus

    +1 here too -- for what I can remember this is the only app ever that treats Alt-F4 differently from the regular Window close button.  And I'm very keyboard oriented, so I close off Discord waaay more often than I'd like.  So far I used Discord only in gaming sessions where this design flaw was 'only' just a big nuisance (don't alt-tab there too often), but my company has now also started to use it, so I'd rather have it stay open all day, please.

  • AtmosferNik

    Hope the prio of this ticket will be raised, because 2 years is a little bit long for this simple task..


  • Shay

    My heart when I saw this thread is over 2 years old, why is alt+f4 an instant kill option where almost no other app I use doesn't support alt f4 -> system tray? :( I keep killing discord calls because I think I'm alt tabbed into a game on my second display..

  • Jeff G

    I'm moving to Discord from Slack, and apparently I was in the habit of using my Alt+F4 mousebutton macro to minimize Slack to the System Tray, because I am frequently closing Discord by accident.

  • asheroto

    Jeff G this might help:

  • omgmakef4work


    honestly, nobody addresses this major ux design flaw for all those years?

    on every single program on windows, alt-f4 closes the window, not the app if it can be minimized to tray

  • mts

    This is also an accessibility issue (like already mentioned by ArkiTechyDaddy): there's no way to minimize Discord using the keyboard only.

    None of the AutoHotkey scripts that I have seen don't take into account a related bug: after minimizing Discord to the tray, the focus goes to the taskbar instead of the topmost window. So after minimizing Discord to the tray with Alt+F4, you need to press Alt+Tab to focus the topmost window.

    My AutoHotkey scripts works flawlessly:


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