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  • Michelle

    I recently kicked someone for the first time, and when the dialogue box popped up for "Reason for kicking", I assumed it meant that it would send that as a message to the user telling him why he was kicked.  Turns out that no, the user didn't get that message, and he rejoined my server within a day asking if he'd accidentally left it.  I've got that settled now, but I'd appreciate an indication of what the "reason" does.  (Is it a note to myself?  Is it a message to the moderators of the Discord app?  I'm still trying to figure that out)

  • Nicolai9852

    I mean, if you have the ID of the person, you can easily
    - Unban the person
    - Write <@ID>
    - Right click and press ban
    - Enter new reason

  • Unactive

    @nddragon I am talking about the reason itself, displayed when checking banned users of a server.

    "Such edits should obviously be logged"

    I NEVER implied to change any log. It would probably look like :
    <Mod> banned <bad person>
    <Mod> edited ban reason for <bad person>
        -Before: No reason was provided
         After: Spamming NSFW content in many channels.


  • nddragoon

    the POINT of audit logs is that nothing in them should be able to just change

  • United009

    Nicolai9852 that just adds a extra step when changing the ban reason when literal bots make the job faster and simple without the means of having to unban them to change the reason*.

    If Discord Bots allow you to change the ban reasonDiscord can do.

    *Yes I do know most bots you can only change the ban reason if it was originally done with the bot itself. But it's till faster then Unbanning someone and banning them again.

  • United009

    I have a job as a Group Helper in a Discord server and oh mighty how good it is for to change the ban reason. Personally, I'm not able to use the command but my fellow moderators use it. Sometimes you forget to add something to the bad reason, or you just didn't give a reason at all.

    And if Discord doesn't have a system where you can change the reason, then sucks to suck then, Ether keep the reason as that or just add another step to a simple job.

  • TyphousCrane654

    Nicolai9852 thanks, it's working!

    (btw you can get their ID by enabling developer mode in discord advanced settings and then right-clicking the banned member in the ban section in the server settings and clicking copy ID)

  • Slurp

    wow this its posted 3 years ago and still not added, its so simple easy thing to add compare to what been done so far. guess busy times calls for desperate measures. shame its been put away to dust, no support at all!

    timeout, kick and ban members can often happens with common default reasons "No reason provided" without option to edit later in "bans" unless creating mess in "audit log" unban/re-ban with reasons. this depends on the severity of members actions and breaking server rules, disturbing server environment including warning, mute, kick, ban or even nitro scams/discord account harvesting etc for that can happens fast some times too fast when its saying "No reason provided. in discord server "audit log" its shame cant edit reason in ban list later and so on


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