Allow autoscrolling with the mouse wheel in the Linux client



  • Seconding this--  I've been looking for some kind of workaround by messing with xinput settings, but nothing seems to quite work.


    EDIT:  I stumbled across this thread again and I would like to direct anyone still hunting for a workaround to the second answer of This thread: regarding libinput settings.  It's not a perfect solution, it certainly feels incredibly hack-y because it doesn't give you the nice autoscroll cursor indicator that helps it feel intuitive, but for what it's worth it does work.

  • CyanLime

    Thirding this. And more attention to Linux support in general would be nice.

  • HyphenSam

    Yes please. Discord really needs more Linux support.

  • Dextop | GTX 1070 | Solus

    I agree, I'm missing middle click autoscrolling as well.

    It's a must-have feature, without it it's really tedious and cumbersome when you need to scroll a lot.

  • Zoop

    Yes, please this would make using Discord on Linux much more comfortable.

  • kaldani

    Sixthing this, would be amazing. Please do, the Discord Team.

  • Jakee

    seventhing this. the fact that they didn't add it yet just shows that they're lazy

  • Fede

    Can't believe this is still not a thing...
    How are linux user supposed to scroll?
    By using the wheel for minutes just to scroll up of a pair of messages?

  • RogueSensei

    That's exactly what we have to do. Eigthing this, why is this still not a thing? Seems like a basic necessity of any application.

  • UnstoppableMango

    I keep accidentally pasting my clipboard contents trying to scroll.

    This feature would be very nice to have.

  • Cascadalyst

    Please add this, scrolling is genuinely a pain sometimes without it

  • gk

    I feel like this is less of a problem with discord, and that we should complain to chromium's developers to make it a native feature -- this will also negate the need for the autoscroll extension and will make other apps using electron support it.

    (since the discord app is electron which is basically just running chromium)

  • benderx

    the only problem with discord on linux :(

  • I Like Trains
    This enables autoscrolling perfectly for me, the only issue is that there's no icon where you clicked the middle mouse button.

  • Visne

    Someone ported the Chrome AutoScroll extension to a Discord client that supports plugins. That means you can use autoscroll the normal way, and not the hacky workarounds also posted here. You can find the plugin by searching for the name of the Discord client + "autoscroll".

    I don't think I'm allowed to say what client I'm talking about, as Discord has made it clear before that custom clients are not allowed, even though it is not stated explicitly in the ToS... But if Discord refuses to provide basic Linux support then we have to take matters into our own hands.


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