Explicit Content Filter - Dealing With False Positives



  • RRBB

    I agree with just marking as possibly NSFW, bc getting my dog to do that pose again will be impossible. Also, when it blocks things that don't need to be blocked, the "protective measures" NEED to be reduced.


    i tried to send a video of dame da ne and it failed to upload cuz of the nsfw filter, i think it should just be removed and the mods can deal with it themselves cuz some videos/images wont work  

  • 0nepeop1e

    This is an image i holding a broken spectacles with custom fix, and somehow discord see it as explicit content, how explicit is it? This is why i hate AI

  • Shino

    About once a day I see someone post something in a NSFW channel on one of my active servers just because Discord flagged it NSFW as a false positive.  These aren't particularly active servers - I'd guess that about 1 in 100 SFW images is being incorrectly flagged as NSFW by the automated filter.  That's an astronomically high number to me.  If it happened to me once in my life, I'd understand, but it's happened to me personally so many times that I've lost count.

    At the very least it should be something that each discord server can turn on or off in their channels.  On my own private server, I feel it would be better to have a thousand NSFW messages accidentally get through than one false positive get blocked.

    I don't want to mark the channels as NSFW though, because people shouldn't be posting NSFW content in them.  There is one channel for SFW artwork and one for NSFW artwork.  I also feel it's incredibly important to communicate to my users that I trust them, and that I am not censoring their posts, just sorting them.

    I understand that people running other types of servers might feel differently.  Thus, the obvious solution is a server setting, or a channel setting, to disable the explicit content filter.

  • circumstellar

    My friends are having this same problem on our community server. The settings haven't changed in the entire time it's been running, but is only now flagging random SFW posts of my members. How do I fix this?


    Yeah, the filter is really need to improve, i try to send a STARSHIP picture and it marked as NSFW 😅😅😅. I know making picture content bot is never easy, but at least, like yeah, adding a feature like spoiler, unless this time is NSFW. Thanks.

  • Echo

    If Discord could make this happen already, that would be great. I can't use the Community feature despite my server being incredibly active with over 50 thousand people due to the constant false-positives. Why we are being required to up the explicit media filter past the middle option just for "community" features is silly to me to begin with when the middle selection already indicates trusted membership based on roles. Things from there should be up to the servers moderators. Not an AI that is constantly flagging images as false-positives (No matter how much you evolve this, it will NEVER be perfect either)

    At this rate I would have to mark every channel in the server as NSFW, which then defeats the purpose of both the content filter, and Discords own NSFW channel setting.

  • chockie

    A lot of completely safe for work artwork, photos, and images are getting wrongly flagged as NSFW. I've complained about this issue before, and I appreciate that now Discord actually tells you why things fail to upload (being because of the NSFW bot filter, compared to before where it just failed to upload with no explanation whatsoever), but the false positives are still an extremely annoying and unfixable issue. I run a community server so there's nothing I can do to disable this even if I wanted to, since it's a SFW server, but this is getting in the way of server activities. 

    I have a feature request that I think would be a better workaround than just sending us off to Discord Support to report it try and "retrain" the AI. What if anything that got flagged by the bots as NSFW would get passed on to server moderators to approve or disapprove, or even clearly mark as NSFW vs SFW? As it is currently, server admins essentially have no choice but to bow to the bot's decisions, regardless of whether it's right or not. Approval would at least give us a choice in the matter. And giving the option of letting human moderators decide whether something counts as not NSFW could possibly help retrain the bot, though I'd understand why you wouldn't want to let random people do it like captchas. Just some food for thought. 

    Don't know if messages like this will actually do anything, but I thought it might be at least worth a shot.

  • Ray296

    > I have a feature request that I think would be a better workaround than just sending us off to Discord Support to report it try and "retrain" the AI. What if anything that got flagged by the bots as NSFW would get passed on to server moderators to approve or disapprove, or even clearly mark as NSFW vs SFW?


    I completly agree with that point.

  • 󠂪󠂪

    Huh. I'm surprised so many people are opposed to this.


    @circumstellar no idea. i wanted to upload a troom troom meme and the explicit content filter prevented me from sending the image. it was someone kissing a vacuum, how is that nsfw?

  • rafaelcastrocouto

    This filter needs a lot of improvement ... it's flagging non-humans images as explicit.
    Please add an option to ask MODs to check or something.

  • ankeyculturetechnology

    If it is a server with rules yea understandable, but when it's a group dm it gets annoying, because there is almost no way to stop it on SFW images. In GCS it should just do as you say, as unlike a server rules are usually unspoken. Sometimes no NSFW isn't an unspoken rule and some people have the filter on. It should be a "click" option for those people. 

  • Leah96xxx🌈

    The problem seems to be skin. If the filter detects any skin that isn't a face it'll flag it as NSFW, even if it's just a hand. It's damned annoying because it means you can't share pictures of something in your hand unless you're wearing gloves. Even if they don't change the actions taken, they should at least stop the filter from detecting hands.

  • OkamiDy

    This sucks, idk what or who is this filter supposed to protect. If someone is inappropriate in your discord just talk to them or ban them. Theres no need for this.

  • emotional support don of van

    I literally just wanted to send a picture of my Sim after I did some messing around in Body Shop, because she looked good, but that tripped the NSFW filter. How do you even report something like this? Why not just fix it so Sim faces aren't false positives?

  • Pete

    4 pics of my face, not extreme closeups or anything, wearing clothing, are all detected as "explicit material" and won't go through in a DM to someone who has "my friends are nice" turned on.  They had to completely disable safety entirely, defeating the purpose of even having it.

  • Babakinha


    My friend's doggo got marked as explicit, i had to mark the channel as nsfw for him to be able to send it

  • Passive☆Noot

    So for some reason it says that a lil meme I'm trying to send in a chat, that legit is just a pun since a man called Dust is acting like a dust bunny. Yet it somehow calls that explixt when I've seen another guy show a pic from there hand that looked like they had a bloody broken finger. Someone explain to me like-

  • Drift Compatible

    Hi there, the NSFW filter is very much flawed, I have been stopped by it for trying to send memes to my friends, but I can legit DM them a gif/video of a lady's butt getting smacked and jiggling, and a video of a man with a large hole in the back of his hand, with exposed muscles and tendons moving, without being stopped, but I couldn't send an overly exaggerated video of a 3D modelled male character hitting his toe with a hammer


    Quick edit: I do not mean links, I sent the full files of all content mentioned above

  • Cronaj

    Just a short list of some of the images Discord has wrongfully flagged as explicit:

  • Uri

    I've just had the bot marking as explicit a FFXIV meme.

  • Covenant_R

    Wow, that this is still an issue after 3 years is somewhat annoying... I ran into it today, and I've seen this meme, with different text so many times posted, but suddenly its its blocked for explicit material when using it in gaming related context.

  • electric

    i've been trying to send some fanart i did of a content creator but it won't send because it's "nsfw" and i don't see how?? this is it:

    it's let me send my art in the past, so i'm not sure why it's doing this now.

  • Shiro Amakusa

    How the below pictures explicit? Please train your stupid bots or remove the stupid AI altogether!

    For now, I rated Discord 1-star.

    I demand an urgent action NOW!!!

  • NOVA

    3 years later and it's still a problem. I have it randomly disallowing me from uploading images/videos for being "explicit content"--I never upload explicit content. Today I was trying to upload a video of dough in a breadmaker and it won't let me post it because apparently it's explicit. I was trying to upload it in my own server of all places.

  • mino05351

    Same here. On much images discord warn me i trying send explicit image. But all is safe



  • The Nightling

    I run a Sandman Discord Server and made the mistake of setting the server as a "community."  Now whenever I try to post images of the comic book character from when he was held captive (and yes, naked) the bot thinks it's explicit content.   Nothing is shown.  His anatomy is always hidden in shadows or the image is above his waist.   Have I mentioned it's a server for a comic book character and his captivity is in the very first issue? 

  • A G-g-ghost!

    Garlic. Fake photos of garlic from a text-to-image generator. This could not make it past your filter. Fix your shit.

  • Ceylin

    "Our most accurate bot", more likely the most dumbest bot... It's blocking this gif, there is no body parts, there isn't even a human in the gif...



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