please add search in voice chat channels...



  • Slaydzer

    Excellent idea ! it could even be presented as the Spotify module. But indicating in which channel it is, and on which server. Of course, one should be able to choose on which server this function would be proposed to the other users and if the server accepts that its members also use it. Very interesting, but to see what can be done

  • SooL

    So, is this the end? Feels like Blizzard at this point of view. If there are 12 people to thumb this guy's comment up, there are maybe thousands, that saw this post and maybe 100.000 people that have the same feeling. Because they play ANY big game with an official Discord. Not only are there many games, that are big, there also are different languages. I bet 100.000 is actually kinda underestimated. But whatever, we, the users, the players, the CUSTOMER, are not dictating anything anymore. We are just moneygiving monkeys.

    Its nothing personal Slydzer. Mostlikely you communicated it and there are many rocks in the way to get over.

    Have a nice one, cheers.



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