Blocking/Muting Keywords



  • bastet_of_orion
    I like this idea, and if there were some way to indicate that it's a spoiler because of a blocked word instead of a normal spoiler, that would reduce the amount of guessing in whether to click a spoiler.
  • espen

    This would be possible if Administrators on a server were able to edit other users' messages. However, currently, this is not a reality so this seems like a rather fine addition for more heavily moderated servers, seeing as you can't do it manually or through a bot.



  • lengo
    I think this may be a cool idea, although I feel people would just work there way around it. Even though there may be that flaw with that feature, I still think it would be cool to have in Discord, therefore I upvoted this.
  • NPC Theone

    thumb downing Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX, cause they can't read.


    I agree, I want it to be a feature too.  Tired of looking at ppl use keyword you don't want to see. its also annoying

    second guessing for spoilers, and also extremely annoying at seeing shipnames due to shipwars, profanity, and sjw godmodding with words. 


    reviving cause I dun want to post a new topic.

  • @Herrscher

    For real. Discord’s blocking function isn’t perfect, and even if you block the person using the words/terms you don’t like, you still get a notification regardless. 

    And hard agree, people take shipping and the like way too seriously, and it can get very old, very fast.

  • Cerys

    My server have a book discussion channel and it would be so helpful for people to be able to block posts containing the titles of books they haven't read instead of everyone else using spoiler tags for every single message!

  • pinkord42

    Two words
    Rick Rolls

    I’ve upvoted

  • Cerys
    I hope since you made this post things have improved for you and your book discussion channels. Spoilers with anything is beyond annoying.

    damm even years later astley is still claiming victims 😔 In all seriousness tho, this would be a good way to (at the very least) stop them from sending in Rick Rolls whenever they get the chance lol

    Idk if the devs have ever considered fixing the way blocked keywords/messages/accounts work on Discord, but it's waaayy overdue for a change

  • Rin

    Would really like for this to be a thing, so I want to offer my strong support. It would be so helpful to be able to create a list of words that you mute and thus cannot see messages about them. I'd actually like a banner that would say "contains muted word — show message", basically like the blocked version, just to know that if I absolutely needed context, I could obtain it by viewing the message, but it would otherwise be hidden. It would make the Discord experience a lot better, as I've had to resort to simply blocking people temporarily because they may need to contact me for work/collaboration issues later, so I can't just block them permanently. Would be very grateful if Discord would consider this, I think it would make things easier for many people. 

  • emosterjpeg

    Commenting because this is the exact thing I need. Doesn't seem to be any alternatives that exist for this kind of a feature.

  • DotsAlott

    Exact thing I need atm scam messages way too common.

  • quiescent

    Would it be possible to allow a user to hide messages containing specified keywords, by listing them in the client settings and having the client not display them? It would make it much easier to avoid spoilers or triggering content and give the user more power to control what they see rather than having to rely on admins and server etiquette.

  • felunax

    Please add this! I really need trigger warnings for certain words that are used quite often, and I don’t want the burden of walking on eggshells to fall on others.

  • LambAndHam

    I would really appreciate this being added. It would help many people avoid triggers and would overall really benefit the discord community!

  • FluffyXai ❤

    What's also worth clarifying, is not jsut from the point of view of moderators but also for users, if a feature like this existed, not nly would it help one avoid sensetive topics or trigger words as others have pointed out, but it would allow moderators to impliment a rule in regards to sharing art and other media that requests users to include brief content tags or at least to include keywords in attached comments, meaning that users can then block those keywords to avoid seeing content they don't wish to see, without having to ostracise any particular form of expression or content or push them into niche channels just to keep the sfw spaces tidy. Soemtimes, what makes someone uncomfortable might be perfectly fine for everyone else, but that person deserves to be comfortable, without having to block people unecessarily or or ostracise anyone.

    Also blocking people jsut shows a blocked message and will give you no clues as to why it's blocked. Could be fine, could not.

    So blocking specific keywords with a piece of texed in the blocked message would be SO helpful.

    "This content has been blocked because it contains the keyword "blockedword" Show anyway?"

  • Elisa Lindberg

    Would love this feature, and frankly I'm surprised it's not a thing yet. Would drastically improve user experience in a way that bothers no-one.


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