Notifications about new reactions in DM



  • Tommy

    I agree !

  • infini

    up! yeah, would be nice, like it is on instagram direct

  • Nadyanilo

    YES PLEASE! We need this~!

  • Jakub

    I agree! It would be really handy.

  • Diego Almada


  • Silvertongue

    I was just thinking of this. I know some people don't care about that notification number, but personally I dont like wasting my time clearing notifications for "Ok" or a thumbs up emoji (in its own message) or ect. a little pop up in a corner letting me know someone reacted would be super useful imo. I try to keep myself in the habit of doing this in messages when someone says bye or something.

  • anonblob

    I think this could be good, but I would want an option to not do this as well. Often I'm up later than the person I'm messaging so sometimes they fall asleep, and I like that it won't send a notification to wake them up. But yeah it could be good, so the choice to have this sometimes would be nice. Also a /whisper command would be cool too, just a normal dm that doesn't send a notification.

  • PleasingCone

    I'm trying to convince some friends to switch over from Groupme and one the features they love on there is the like system. I think being able to turn on notifications for reactions would give a similar experience and would make the switch smoother.

  • Ahh... Fresh meat!

    Bump. Agreed! Much needed.

  • twidlesticks

    Bump, this is long overdue. People need their reaction notis.

  • tirerim

    It would also be great if unseen reacts caused the unread messages indicator to show up -- that way even if notifications are off, you would still know that there is some communication to look at.

    For that matter, that or something like an activity feed would be good even for servers -- I don't really want a notification when someone reacts to a post on a server, but I'd like some way to find out about it besides looking at each individual message that I've posted. As it is, you really only see reactions if they happen immediately, which doesn't work very well when people are posting and reading asynchronously.

  • disturbinse

    tbh I would really dislike this feature.
    if I wanted to respond to a message with an ok_hand emoji, and notify them, I would just send the emoji as a message.
    I intentionally react with emojis because I dont want to notify them

  • suchipi2

    I'd like this, too (including on servers). Often people post funny videos that I don't see until later, and I react with a laughing emoji when I see them, but they don't know I ever saw them.

  • disturbinse

    I mean, if you really want them to know you saw it just reply with that emoji.
    They see the exact same response, and the way it is now also lets us decide whether they get a notification.

  • twidlesticks

    Bump - to all the people saying "they wouldn't like this" it would clearly have to be a toggleable feature. Give the people what they want. 

  • disturbinse

    @twidlesticks do you mean a togglable feature for those who want notifications, or a feature for those who don't want others getting notifications?

    the first option would make sense, but I believe that the second would be better. you could have both if you wanted as long as the second option was there.

    like anonblob said last year, "Often I'm up later than the person I'm messaging so sometimes they fall asleep, and I like that it won't send a notification to wake them up. But yeah it could be good, so the choice to have this would be nice." 

    ^ I feel the same way he does.

  • KalooNie

    disturbinse anonblob
    The suggested feature is intended for users who wish to be notified of reactions to DMs. A simple toggle switch to enable or disable the feature would be sufficient in my opinion. It would be neat to have an extra option to “whisper” a reaction to prevent a notification, but this is probably unnecessary assuming there is already a toggle switch. You could go further and suggest snooze features when offline or away, etc., but honestly I think it's the users' responsibility to enable Do Not Disturb on their device when busy or before falling asleep.

  • DaveDrinkingCoffee

    I would love this, also on servers. Should probably be optional.

    Real life use case:
    Friend sends an image to a server channel. I react to it and would like the friend to be notified. But currently he will never know, especially if there are newer messages in the channel.

    For comparison:
    The MS Team app has exactly the same reaction system but the users get notified when someone reacts to their message.

  • internetFionna

    this needs a toggle, because i am getting mobile notifications for reactions to messages i am actively participating in on desktop.

  • Kevin Gilbert

    How is this still not a feature 3 years later?

  • Vitalii Sevastianov


  • DirtyWishes

    +1 A lot of +1s from all my friends! 

  • Alamparmar

    Please add this feature asap.

  • Cmilaudine

    Agree, we really need this ! (on server too !!!)

  • manior

    This would be so useful !


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