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  • KonManMoonCat

    Not sure if it was added in after this post, but I found a way to do this.

    1. Upload the new picture as a separate message.

    2. Right click on new picture and click Copy Link.

    3. On original post, click Edit and paste the link.

    4. Click the small x that appears next to the old picture to remove the preview.

    5. Delete the message you sent in Step 1.

  • 7orivorian

    I just found out the hard way that this isn't a feature & it ruined the premise of half my server

  • eltrkbrd

    +1 to add a feature allowing discord users to edit their images attached as files (without having to delete the post, this way we can keep the time stamp & original place in the message history; sometime I need to crop an image or edit out sensitive information for example (after the fact)...

    This is a critical feature in my experience.  Can Discord please add it?  This is not a problem in Telegram by the way which I'm liking more and more given all the Discord limitations with file sizes and post editing I'm running into!

  • harvey

    I 100% agree


    I have my own pretty popular server and I make my own banners to go over certain channels.



    If i find something like a cooler banner background or a cooler font, its really hard to update the banner when its over a giant reaction roles self roles channel loaded with people that have reacted with things. 

  • doctornumber10

    i recently made an artwork that was pretty popular but there was a thing that i had forgotten on it

    i had to link the edited image by editing my message

    having to have two images just to add one thing is pretty annoying, and since it was popular, i didnt want to delete it and remove all of the reactions and replies

    discord plz

  • untitled

    I +1 this as well, sent an art image and forgot the watermark, once i was done somebody else had sent a message after me and i dont want it to look like im clogging up the channel by resending it

  • ☢𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜.

    Thanks @KonManMoonCat
    Still no idea why this isn't a feature since as we see it is technically possible :)

  • Uthael

    I just uploaded a wrong image in a channel that has a 30min cooldown per message. It was a poor quality one and I made a good quality one, too.

  • I def agree with this being added.
    Discord, plz do it.

  • Lunos

    Same here. I agree it should be a thing on Discord and I don't know why is it not.

    I find myself in need to replace an older version of a tool with a newer one in a message I sent on a Discord server where I have no admin privileges, but I can't do that without sending an entirely new message which is just not acceptable.

  • PonySlaystation

    I agree and it's already a feature in Telegram.

  • Scribble

    somehow this is still not a thing after 4 entire years :/

  • Zuros



    THANK YOU. This worked flawlessly. Really appreciate it.

  • Ian Ambrose


    Thank you!


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