Edit file as SPOILER



  • apm77

    A thousand times yes. Also, it is essential that moderators be able to edit users' posts to add spoilers to images, when server policy requires it.

  • oblivion2k

    Two years later and we still need this feature.

  • quinntessential

    Yes! I just discovered this wasn't a feature, and it needs to be one! Especially when moderating servers of games/books/movies/shows where there is new content and not everyone is up to that point! Or if there's slightly triggering things and you don't want to delete someone's post, but just give people the option to reveal it at their own warning.


    Oh, and maybe this is a bot thing, but I would love a "mass hide" button, for example if some dweeb is posting nasty stuff but no mods with delete level perms are available, a lower level mod could still hide and lock the posts out from view temporarily. Maybe also a "lock spoiler" feature for said roles would be good, such that no one can reopen the spoiler unless they have the perms.

    one might just say, just delete it, but sometimes you want mods that cant delete things to avoid abuse.

  • Motarde

    This could be a great feature, I find myself deleting and reposting quite some times, would really help with moderation and posts management.

  • thetechguy
    good idea.
  • Purely

    Please add this functionality to admins. 

  • Fire9Ball

    This would be amazing to have!

  • Finsku

    How spoiler images works is that discord adds "SPOILER_" before the image name, so Discord would show it as a spoiler message. The image address would be then


    The feature would only edit the image's name so it would be shown with a spoiler feature. I'm not prof so I don't know how much work it requires in backend.


    Adding options to allow roles and admins to do this based on server, and maybe even channel, permissions, would be great too.

  • Ash💗💛💙

    Would be great to see this implemented. It's annoying having to delete an image just to respoiler it and break the flow of what you were posting.

  • Fluffy McSwirl

    Discord please we need this so bad we're begging you with all of our hearts ! ;-; <33 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • denako

    I'm going to revive this from 2 years ago because this is a MUST. Marking posted photos as spoilers from a mod perspective would be a huge plus.

  • Pokku


    Also spoilers for images sent from mobile.

  • NielsKo

    Pokku that is actually doable, just a bit inconvinient, just rename the image before uploading from "imagename" to "SPOILER_imagename" and Discord will automatically mark it as a spoiler


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