Discord website/client localization to Belarusian



  • Ярослава

    Hi! Im using discord since 2017(my account is tuberyarik) and I've been waiting for belarusian language since that time. My nation exists, so as my language, and we're as importnant as every other nation and who's languages are represented in Discord. It's sad to see that we have to beg for it to be included. It's already an endangered language that might dissappear, so let's do something that might help preseving it, shall we?

  • Раман

    Using discord for years, Belarusian language interface would've been awesome indeed.

  • Kiryl Litovich

    Good day! 

    I would also very much like to see the Belarusian language in the discord. Nevertheless, a sufficient number of Belarusians use this program for communication and it is sad to realize that my native language is not here. I don't think that adding this language is such a difficult process, you can translate the discord into Belarusian literally in a day, it's not a translation of a book or some documentation. Even ordinary Belarusians can take up the translation of the discord into Belarusian for free, I am sure there are a lot of such enthusiasts. I would personally like to participate in this, if there was such an opportunity.

  • Tutejszy

    As a regular user of Discord, I would like to see the Belarusian language.Its absence makes it inconvenient to use the program.Do not forget that there are people who use Belarusian as the main language in life.Therefore, we ask you not to forget about us and create maximum convenience in order to use the Discord.Thank you.

  • Яўген Перапёлкін

    Вельмі моцна не хапае роднай мовы ў вашай цудоўнай аплікацыі. Я і ўсё беларускае дыскорд-кам’юніці будзе вам шчыра ўдзячнае за даданнё беларускай мовы!❤️

  • Kommserf

    I have a dream that one day every person in Belarus will have their own Discord localisation

  • Геноцидник

    Мару змяніць мову ў Дыскордзе на беларускую

  • TobiaszKowalski

    It would be very nice to see our language here

  • Aetherby

    Вельмі Чакаю 

  • Sasha_Sorokin

    Good lord. You guys destroyed my inbox with all the comments.

  • We crave, pan Sorokin

  • user

    All of belarusian users waiting for belarusian localization. It's hard to us to be minor in the world and it's wonderful if Discord help and support our identity

  • kurisu illusia

    I'm belarusian streamer and vtuber, I build my community in my Discrod server. Please, add belarusian language to your app!!

  • Kiryl

    Please add Belarusian! We have a big Belarusian community in Discord and we need our language. 
    We must not use the program in foreign languages. Thank you!

  • Mikalaj Siatkouski

    Люблю дыскорд, хацелася б у йім й улюбёную мову ўбачыць😉

  • Stefania

    I really want to use this program on my native language (belarusian)

  • Shazm Walker

    I think that it's not such a problem to make an app translation for such a great language, so please add belarusian language to Discrod client <3


    Тое, што я карыстаюся іншай мовай інтэрфэйсу ў Дыскордзе не азначае, што я хачу ёй карыстацца. Зрабіце Дыскорд больш утульным месцам для мяне і дадайце беларускую мову

  • Vasil Piatrou

    Discord, please add Belarusian language or give people the opportunity to work on translations as a community

  • Dzmitry

    It would be awesome to see Belarusian language in Discord.

  • Volha dziuba

    Была бы вельмі ўдзячная дыскорду за мажлівасць карыстацца праграмай па-беларуску

  • Aliaksandra Sattarava

    Please add Belarusian lang or let community help with translation <З

  • Arciemij Stasenja

    It would be really great to see Discord in Belarusian language! I hope we'll be heard

  • Ulad

    it will be sooooooo good if you add my native language

  • Cimafiej

    Hi all. I am here to support an idea of translating Discord interface to Belarusian. It's very important to many users from Belarus.

  • Siarhei Kurash

    Please make localization in Belarusian for Discord users from Belarus 🥺

  • Mr. N

    Please make discord more friendly. Add Belarusian language !

  • Нам патрэбная беларуская мова. Немагчыма ўжо трываць. Столькі год людзі патрабуюць дадаць нашую родную лакалізацыю, усё ніяк не з'яўляецца. Калі ласка, хлопцы і дзеўкі, супрацоўнікі, прыслухайцеся да нас, мы важная частка супольнасці, не менш важная за астатніх.


  • We need the Belarusian language. It is impossible to endure. For so many years, people have been demanding to add our native localization, but it doesn't appear. Please guys and gals, staff, listen to us, we are an important part of the community, no less important than the rest.

  • ToffeeMutant

    беларуская мова банальна неабходна для карыстання дыскордам без усялякіх праблем, яе наяўнасць зробіць жыццё толькі лепей


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