make discord less of spyware



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  • Sketchie

    I know where you are coming from and I can tell you right now how much of an absolute gullible fool you are.

    You're coming straight from that low-effort poorly researched YouTube video by that one awful actor.

    Let me clear some things up for you since you can't seem to see past the words of the internet stars you worship.

    This is the garbage source that the spyware accusation originates from:

    Spyware is "software that enables a user to obtain covert information about another's computer activities by transmitting data covertly from their hard drive."

    Spyware is nonconsensual. You must consent to Discord's very clear privacy policy before using this site, which already shoot down that claim.

    This quote should be proof enough of a lack of credibility: "It is impossible to download and examine Discord's source code, which means that it is impossible to prove that Discord is not spyware." This "guilty until proven innocent" standpoint is just outright ridiculous.

    Now, I am going to explain everything Discord collects in this article:

    • IP Address - Discord uses your IP address to make sure you do not create alts to circumvent bans. Discord checks against a list of IP address you have connected from when signing in as a security measure. Discord literally needs your IP address to send you any form of data, it's literally like a return address in real life.
    • Device UUID - From what I understand, all this does is identify your Discord client installation. This information is literally exclusive to Discord and has no use outside of Discord whatsoever.
    • User's e-mail address - No crap, it's literally how you sign in and register your account. How the Hell are they supposed to know you by email if they don't store it?
    • All text messages - Again, no crap. If Discord didn't store text messages, then it would be impossible to receive any message sent while you were offline. Anyone who is genuinely upset by this has no clue how the internet works and should get off the net asap.
    • All images - Same thing. How are they supposed to deliver images to users without storing them? Think about this for a second, seriously!
    • All VOIP data (voice chat) - Discord does not store voice chat data, but it still has to be processed by their servers in order to be delivered to the people on the other end. You people clearly don't understand how data works.
    • Open rates for e-mail sent by Discord - Seriously, what's wrong with Discord adding 1 to an arbitrary variable every time somebody clicks a link? What could some "spooky Russian hacker" possibly do with any of this information whatsoever?
    • Logs of all of the other programs that are open on your computer - While the website says Discord does not inform users about this, it in fact does, many, many times. Discord does not log this data, it is simply sent to Discord's servers for one-time use in order to see if you are running any games currently. It's how they show the little "Playing ..." indicator beneath your name.

    Calm down, you paranoid little trash baskets.


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