• Ohpin

    I second this! I would love if there was a parameter to just search for reacted posts.

    For my purposes I actually want to go a step further and have it search for specific reactions. 

  • Benny

    Ooo I like that idea. Search up what reaction someone used interesting

  • Alchor

    I agree, im having an event on my discord where if I've seen the message I add a reaction, but there is no way for me to simply search it. 

  • Kovaelin

    I would also like to see this implemented. It would make finding certain messages much easier.

  • trapless

    This feature would be extreamly helpful for polling a community. Ability to list all messages matching ':has reaction: reactionName' and tally them quickly in the search window would be very appreciated.

  • (GS)

    +1, super useful for keeping track of completed tasks or applications that have been given a check reaction/something similar

  • BBQhead

    Search Filter for reactions would help a lot. Even more if a minimum number of that reaction for a comment could be also specified.    

  • PKFC

    For example, I'd love to be able to highlight messages that should be pinned by reacting with 📌

  • MxMattyB

    I found this by googling how to search discord by reaction; needless to say, I support searching by reaction, so much so I was astounded to see such functionality currently absent

  • 0dius

    same as Mattman00000, I expected this to be a feature already baked in. Would love it to be added.

  • CelticWitch44

    Same as 0dius and matman00000

    I wanna tally up how many reactions so I can give my girlfriend gifts but I don't think I'll be able to find them without searching for reactions.

  • Wip3ou7

    I also support searching by reaction. On our server we use reactions to tag posts as certain thinigs (like Steam / Epic / Origin / PlayStation / Xbox) and it would make searching for relevant posts much easier.

  • Rpm103

    We added a "fake reddit gold" as an emoji to our discord about a year ago. We give the gold out frequently to funny posts in our channel, and it would be an amazing meme if I could sort "has:reaction" from most reacts to least. I can then bring it into Excel and make a nice little infograph about our best posts.

    Edit: It would also be great to be able to say "We haven't used babyyoda in 6 months, delete"

  • dmac_makes

    This would be super useful for students on my discord. I can use the :key: 🔑 emoji for videos and comments that cover key skills, and :timer:  ⏲ for deadlines etc.

    Pins are a great but this is would a bit more granular, a finer instrument.

  • Xiarno

    How has this never been implemented ?!

  • Vince G

    Nice, someone already made a post about this. 2 years ago(!) 


    This feature would be very good.

  • ChrisWX

    It would also be very handy if there could be a way to search post that I have reacted to

  • Harrison

    Tried to figure out how to do this so I'd love to see this implemented as well! 

  • The Gnat

    This needs to happen! This is a legit thing I've tried to do so many times


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