New Ban System - Locking



  • Brandon

    I like your idea.

  • sylveon

    This would DEFINITELY be useful in the case of false bans, especially when the Trust and Safety team refuse to give any sort of response.

  • Katheryn Miles

    I support this idea. Deleting accounts renders it virtually impossible to restore it if it is banned by accident, and - while this is simply speculation - I suspect that any evidence that exists against that account may be cleared as well. This forces the Trust & Safety team to respond either by 'refusing' to give evidence - depicting them as a common evil moderation/review system - or apologizing for being unable to reverse the decision due to technical limitations - depicting them as irresponsible. I know that neither is the case, as far as I have collected, so a good way to reverse bans is to set them up in a way that bans the account in question, as opposed to deleting it.

    While I understand that Discord is a free service, this simple setup would allow those who are concerned about false positives - for good reason, of course - to trust that they are receiving what they were promised and to trust that they are in fact fulfilling Discord's expectations of users (full transparency, as others say). maukamauka explains the idea well in their original post, and I support it because it would allow the Trust & Safety team to correct erroneous bans and to avoid any problems with genuine distrust or unsafety.

  • DmTheMechanic

    I support this idea!

    They should take this into consideration and implement it in next future update when it's possible.

  • Enrico Pucci

    I agree 100% but discord doesn’t delete your account data. They can easily give the account back it’s just anonymized not deleted they lie about truly deleting your account it’s simply anonymized they can’t delete data by law. Your account is anonymized not deleted but yes I 100% support this idea and wish they implanted this idea before my account was sadly falsely banned .

  • Liberty Died Worldwide

    They in fact CAN delete the data by host country/state law... the reason they don't is ulterior motives.

  • Patricko

    I love your idea. My account was falsely banned but I have no chance of getting it back since I don't have the message link for proof. 4 years of messages from my account were gone.


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