Link Preview - Remove or hide preview on a per image basis



  • virysD

    Here is good example

  • Joakim

    Yes I love all the gifs, I just dont want to look at them forever. Please let me just hide them when I've seen enough!

  • Letum

    I would greatly appreciate something like this that would allow me to toggle image previews on a channel by channel basis. I'm in one server where I'd like to turn it off due to several members posting images I'd rather not see. Except, I don't want to turn it off globally.

    Much like OP, I'd love the ability to toggle it, but I'd be satisfied with the ability to temporarily hide the preview.

  • MindTooth

    One additional thing I would want to see regarding previews, is that one should be able to disable it per channel, webhook, bot, etc.  Having a GitLab bot posting links creates a ton of cruft.

  • Nojh

    Completely agree with MindTooth's suggestion.

  • ShalokShalom


    Even Facebook has this.

    And it would fit so fine here:

  • Deja

    I want this so badly, I hate the spam it creates, I am in a discord asking for help and give someone a stack overflow answer I am trying to incorporate into my own code, it takes up half the page, I hate how you can't put in something like [nopreview] at the end of the link. As for hiding the preview as another user, why not literally have an eye icon over the preview that can collapse it.

  • Crowl

    Slack has an approach that would also work, it lets you collapse a preview down to just the text on a per item basis, that'd be a nice way to reduce the clutter from previews.

  • SyntheticBee

    As a bot developer, it is frustrating that we are not given more control on our servers over which kinds of messages get previews. I have a bot that recognizes certain URL patterns and then emits more intelligently previewed content from the recognized site using the website's API. If Discord also previews the content, then everyone will see the image twice. But if the bot omits the image because it assumes it has been previewed, then the result is duplication and/or omission of information between the Discord-provided embed and the bot-provided embed.

    We are not happy with either of these alternatives, and currently, it doesn't seem like there are any better alternatives:

    1. Completely disable previews. However, that would seriously downgrade the user experience for members, as they rely on previews working for a wide range of other URLs from the same site (which are not yet handled by the bot) or from other sites.
    2. Get users to always use angle-brackets. That's a nice fantasy. I did, in fact, provide them with a command to preview a link that they supply, surrounded by angle brackets. It has never gained traction because it is too awkward to use, especially on mobile device keyboards.

    Example display with Discord supplying the preview. The bot has been coded to recognize the URL and automatically preview information from that page, but not the image content, because it is assumed to have been previewed by Discord.

    Example display with the bot providing the preview (angle brackets provided by the user around the URL):

    I would like the server to be configurable to not preview links that we have a bot present to handle, and then have the bot configurable to handle them instead, including images like in the second screenshot, except in response to the user pasting the URL to the channel as-is without angle-brackets, and not as part of a command (like in the first screenshot).

  • Wizahd

    I would also appreciate the option to remove previews on a per category basis. The links that I am posting in this category are cluttered by the extra fluff. Thanks!


  • themysticsavages

    Yep, there should definitely be a difference between built-in website previews and bot embeds :P 

  • sadfatboi

    I'd like this.

  • Rob

    A parameter or setting to disable link preview is much needed for webhooks. Link preview is especially problematic when a message contains multiple hyperlinks.

  • tacplay

    I would like to add, that just a serverside option for channels to activate or deactivate imagepreviews would be nice - sometimes you want to offer linklists for your folks and there are some other reasons, too, why previews would sincerely clutter your UX without ANY benefits.

    So adding an option for channel-settings (Enable link image previews) would be perfect in my eyes.


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