Re-opening closed DM's.



  • PanzerFowst

    Yes, let's do it!

  • hacksick


    Edit: This version doesn't work anymore 

    @Come to our discord community, we have the new update too ;)

    Its here guys the app which will help you find your closed dm's and old friends.

    Fast and easy to use
    2.Easy to setup
    3.Works offline


    1. Download friendcord.exe


    click on download

    open it, and u will see this

    click on " More info "

    click on run anyway, and you will see this

    # u can browse and create the file in any place

    # but u have to remember where u have created the file

    close the installer when finished


    2. Now go to the place where you have installer FriendCord  


    3.Open the folder and look for "FriendCord.exe"

    That mah baby right there livin' and breathin'. 

    Now go ahead and give it a double click


    4.You are gonna see this:

    " enter your friend's name: " here you can search for literally anything you have ever typed on discord in your chats it can be:

    1.A friend's name

    2.A sentence

    3.A unique thing you would have typed in the dm you are trying to find.


    4.Enter your DISCORD PACKAGE location:



    0.Don't forget to unzip the package, my program expect your package to be unzipped.

    1.Go to your discord package:

    ( lol I put it in my music folder )

    2.Open it:

    you will see this 

    3.Now click on the file path:



    4.Put it in the cmd and enter :


    It will start to filter your dms looking for what name/sentence you have given in

    its fast so your messages will appear shortly

    ayy now don't think that i am gonna show you my messages for example, give me a break guys and girls.


    5.copy the id from the dm you desire and now you will see this:  (need internet connection for this part)

    type in " y " if you have copied your id and press enter (for more info on ids check out my earlier post about ids):

    you are probably looking at this,now go ahead and paste that id in the search box:

    HEY!!! look we found someone


    WHO IS COW, how would I know that duh_:

    but hey I found a person from my old messages in just some SECONDS, WhAt!!!!


    Atlast you will see this message:

    but this part I will leave it upto you.


    >>> I did something I am good at you do something you are good at and bring something good out in this world because we need you, we need us for our 1 common and mojor goal well being of everyone on this planet.

    also GO ELECTRIC!!!!


    also THANKX TO  zerohimself#0353 , he is a great guy, helped me alot in making this happen, a part of your donations will also go for him and help his dream business of retro gaming grow.

    BYE guys it been great....










  • idc



    Hey guys new update is here

    join my server and get the new update and details on how to use it, and if u face any problem just ask me !

    spoiler alert: new update is much more easier to use, like how could something simple exist  huh }

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  • PanzerFowst

    It is awesome, everyone!


    Hacksick, thank you so much for your work!  Really helping out the Discord community with this!  =D

  • MilesOfJam

    I tried doing the "request data" thing, but it's useless. it only shows the dm's YOU sent, and not the entire chat. i really need the dm's between a person and i but i cannot talk to them irl, we arent friends, and we arent in a server together. discord should really add it as a feature </3

  • hacksick

    jelly you use the id to get their discord tag, and using discord tag u can send them a friend request, after sending the friend request, and now you see your chats with them, look 

    so now you can see your chats with them you can join my server if you have any doubts. 

    sever link:

  • lacredo84

    If you accidently "x" a message, simply try dming the person again and your old conversation should show up. Of course, you would have to remember their discord username.


    I also find this annoying because its not just an accidental close thing, discord also closes them for you automatically once you reach a certain limit. I am pretty sure it does NOT close group dms, but it DOES close normal dms. but then I could be mistaken, and have forgotten some group dms that are not gone from my site.

    The thing is, I have discovered that its not that I am leaving those groups or dms, its not that I am losing connection. its that its just being hidden. Because if you know what to search for, in the search bar, you could in theory find it. the problem is that with how flexible discord allows names to be, you could never find someone.

    Not only could they just have changed their name, but their tag too, and probably be using special characters that cant be even typed into the search bar. Which is another issue. allowing people to use literally anything else other than ascii makes it impossible to friend or search for them, because you cant type those and you cant paste a name into the bar without it messing with the formatting some.

    I would propose like others here that we get some simple sorting. allow us to folder up dms into groups, this would not only make it a lot easier to keep track of different types of friends from different groups but also removes the need to close dms, pretty much forever. you could wrap the same functionality of "closing" them to save ram into a collapsing of the folder. Then if people want to save on ram, they can folder up every dm they have except for a couple, and there you go.

    I see no reason this should not be implemented.

  • Almostisneverenough

    what's discord package? gosh im sucks at this but thanks for making this tho.

  • hacksick

    Come to our discord server we the new update, it is easy to use and faster, and we will help you out

  • Proxxy0

    I just noticed that I lost a bunch of old DMs of a few friends who arent around any more. I had never closed them due to not wanting to lose what pieces I still had, but it seems as though discord decided I didnt need them anymore.

    I really wish this was a feature. It would mean the world ti have that little bit back, y'know?

  • OldBot Admin

    Please Discord team implement this feature, it's crucial in any messaging app, I can't believe it has been more than 2 years people are asking for this everywhere and you didn't implement something simple like this.

    I'm so tired of closing DMs by mistake and then needing to fry my brain trying to remember the nick of the person to be able to search for it, it is SO FRUSTRATING.

  • hacksick

    Anytime mate

  • awwab

    just get the data request and download it, try to figure out which folder has the dms of the user you want (.csv) and with that .csv file there's .json file, you just open the .json file on the browser it should be 1 line, 2 recipients, the latter one is what you need to put in this website and you should get the user.

  • hacksick

    @awwab that's exactly what my program does, if u have been using an account for long time then you're gonna have many message folders and it can seriously take you like days at a time find the specific dm, but friendcord does it in just SECONDS. so think about it

  • Methodical


    I've figured out an easy way to reopen closed DM's if you are not friends anymore and don't know their ID (even works with deleted accounts). Here is a quick tutorial I've made:

  • hacksick

    Bro that's exactly what friendcord does for you, and you don't even to go through all the folders yourself or search every Id on the discord id website. It just takes friendcord seconds to show you your dms.

    Check out friendcord, and it's reviews, in this server, we have an awesome community of people who are always there to help you out

  • Leviah Deerie

    to make it so it doesn't need its own page, discord could just add a tag in the search menu under "has:" that searches for a user who has dm'd you. then the user who is searching could add more tags to specify who they are looking for.

  • zumzum

    I have found a way to reopen a closed dm. Add me on discord: zumzum#4666

  • fanfan

    Come on Discord team, when are you gonna listen to us & implement this feature?

    This feedback is 3 years old already, yet you haven't done anything about it.

    And please don't advise about finding the name of the friend I closed DMs with. I DM a lot of people in various servers (since it's part of my job), then if they don't reply at all anymore I close the DMs with them. But sometimes I have to reopen past DMs. It sucks that you have to find the other person's account just to reopen DMs. Sending them Friend Requests is obviously out of the question.

  • Noxplis

    guys i found out how to open old DM´s

    all you gotta do it

    1.Make a server
    2.write /msg <User ID> (anything)

    and it will instantly open the dms


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