Organizing offline people on servers



  • thetechguy
    this is great idea
  • gahro_nahvah

    I love this idea. Quite possibly it could be a permission similar to the option to display separately while online.

  • Duckrinium

    Should be great with collapsing list of members, like channels category.

  • ClausthalerNichtGanzAlkoholfrei

    I am a fan of this idea too.

    If anyone sees this thread and would like to have this feature, pls login and comment here so the devs know whether this is important enough to work on.

  • XxPowerEyexX

    a agree, this would help a lot with people trying to get in touch with like a server admin, or a server tech person in that specific server


    Edit: as a postscript i also think it would be convenient to have the role movable(?) like the online roles are right now. so if your admins are at the top while online then maybe have the offline admins at the top of the offline list too, and so forth 

  • Robin Hood

    You don’t need this because you can search for people using the search function in a server


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