Possibility to add roles of lower precedence than @everyone.



  • well everyon is the last role lower roles wouldnt make sense
  • zariem

    Lower roles make sense if they are only used as tags and do not give any permissions at all.

    The idea is that these tags can be colorful without them affecting the username. They just look colorful when you click on the user profile.

  • PiggyPlex

    Why is this in the API Section?

    Also, what's wrong in having roles above the @everyone role, that are at the bottom of your role hierarchy? You can just disable all permissions and the Display role members separately from online members.

    You could also use/create a Discord Bot to handle this situation. It could manage all of your tags, and users could use a command to see what tags they are.

    Hope that what I say makes sense.

  • Tribekiller911

    Since the ability to mention roles has been added. You could also you this in a manner to @mention certain roles and group. Having roles lower than @everyone would allow users to join these groups/list on their own without the use of a bot.


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