What happened to the Discord store?



  • Kath~
    This absolutely needs to change. The fact that non-nitro games are almost completely hidden is kind of a d**k move towards both users aswell as developers of those games. I get the need to advertise Nitro, but this is just taking it too far.
  • JohnyTheCarrot

    As a developer planning to release on Discord, this change is seriously bad.

  • Casper
    Yeah, I don't like this change either, +1
  • XEqualsPenguin

    This really concerns me as a new developer. I was hoping to someday release games on Discord, but I'm not sure it's worthwhile anymore. Being able to browse the store is really important and lets potential buyers see games that they might not otherwise encounter. And as TimThe said, having to join a server in addition to somehow finding the game just creates too many steps for a potential buyer. I would like there to still be a Store tab in addition to the new Nitro tab (or at the very least continue to list games that are available for purchase within that tab).

  • webhp
    With the change that occurred today, there is now no way for me to discover new games that are for sale on the store. I now have to scroll down to server discovery and take a guess which servers sell games on Discord. The game store used to have great features for non-nitro games such as the ability to search with filters depending on the type of game you were looking for, the ability to see new releases, and generally felt like a store. It doesn't feel like a store anymore, it just feels like a giant advertisement. The fact that I have to join/lurk in a server just to view a game's store page is absurd. Not only that, but I noticed that you can no longer purchase games that do not yet a store channel unless you have a direct link to said page. I am honestly appalled that Discord would make this decision to severely handicap the store like this. In fact, bug reporting with the store was temporarily closed on Discord Testers because this was thought to be a mistake! While writing this I saw Discord's tagline on https://discordapp.com/SELL-YOUR-GAME, "Create your own storefront inside your server, free from competition". I'm saddened that Discord has chosen to make this anti-consumer decision and I hope it is reverted.
  • Data

    There seem to be no "normal" games at all actually. Very strange 

  • Yimmy

    This is one of the weirdest changes I've seen and is terrible for both developers and consumers. There's no way for developers to get their games advertised and consumers can't discover games they don't know. Maybe they expect us to find games by using the Discord server discovery? But even that doesn't show what games are purchasable so you'd need to enter that server, see if they have a storefront, then leave if it doesn't. Hopefully this change doesn't last very long.

  • ⭐ KubexYT ⭐

    I think that the decision to kill Store Page is not the best, both for developers and customers!

    Now there is no way for people to find games they would want to play, joining a server just to buy the game is stupid and works only for grown communitiesNew games/developers won't be able to show their games to new unknown customers.

    In my opinion you should combine both of those features! Just bring back the Store in it's previous form and also allow game developers to better advertise their servers on which people could also buy games.

    Just so you know, I'm a Nitro subscriber and I think that Nitro Tab is very helpful but it shouldn't make Store Tab disapear!

  • Frosty
    I don't like it either .-.
  • TimThe
    As a user that's already in a lot of servers this would prevent me from getting multiple games from the discord store as I will hit the server limit becouse I want to play a game. For small game devs this will mean they most likely won't get the advertisement as like they where on a frontpage
  • LuckyLaur

    This is the worst decision I've seen from discord yet. Discord started as a chat for gamers, easier and more lightweight than skype. The game store was a bold decision but had some promise. As a regular user I would sign in, read my activity tab, check the store tab for some interesting sales or new products, and continue my day as usual. 

    I'm never going to browse discord games again, simply because I cant be bothered looking at server lists. There's no price, or filters, it's out of the way. I use discord to chat with friends, I join new servers when I make new friends within a game or when I'm invited by someone I know. Never the other way around, and this is not going to change.

    I legit googled how to find games again, the discovery button is discrete and after clicking it, at first glance, it is not obvious that there are games to buy

    This is going to be a very negative impact on sales and exposure. It's terribly designed for consumers, and it will be difficult for developers to sell their games

    I hope they reconsider this change. Having both the store tab and the discover tab wouldn't be a bad idea, add a link to the game's server within the product page.



  • Tixelpip

    I really loved the direction they were going as I'm desperate for a good alternative to Steam as it just isn't my cup of tea. I feel the more developers that developed on Discord the more other devs would want to as well, I personally don't like it just being some free games as that feels too similar to my Twitch client which I only have prime games on, I like having many of my games on one platform and I could forsee Discord being that as more and more games come to the platform. I really hope they revert this change, although I do like the weekly Nitro games additions. Also, I think they should sell Nitro games to be permanently purchased individually similar to the non-Nitro games, this is how Xbox and PlayStation do it and I think it would work well.

  • Victorian_Clambake


    I'm a developer about to release a game on Discord and as I was completing my personal checklist, I realized I have no idea what to really expect.

    If your server is buried and your game hidden, then your marketing seriously does have to occur somewhere else. If the intention of Discord is to host games for sale rather than sell them for you, that 90/10 revenue split suddenly makes a lot more sense.

    My professional opinion is that this is a remarkably poor decision. There used to be a nice storefront and now that there isn't one Discord makes even less sense then Itch.io- I hope they bring the store back.

    - Victorian Clambake

  • Victorian_Clambake


    It's been nearly three months since I released The Caribbean Sail on Discord and I have yet to make even a single sale on Discord. The problem is that everyone in the server already owns the game on a  different platform so I'm not reaching anyone new.

    For other developers considering releasing a game on Discord; don't bother unless you're bringing in a lot of new people to your server.

    - Victorian Clambake

  • smurfguy

    Well discord you just failed user testing in my book. Took me 10 mins of looking before i got here. This is literally the dumbest design decision I have even seen lol.

  • SaltyPotato

    I'm really hoping, as a huge fan of the Discord store as opposed to other platforms like Steam and Epic Games, that with the removal of Nitro Games, the old Discord Store will return. Hard working developers that took a risk publishing their game on Discord are now much more difficult to find and companies like Steam become much more appealing. Discord has competitive rates to other game stores, but they ruined their opportunity by placing their developers quite literally "at the bottom." I understand that one of the reasons for doing so was to stress the importance of community, so why not lead users to a game's server from the Store tab? It is necessary and wanted, from both devs and consumers, for games to be featured in a dedicated tab, and curated based on games Discord knows you play. 

  • aghatt

    Also If I recall correctly, the server limit is 100 which means you can only have 100 games minus the number of servers that you are already in (I don't have that many games but I've seen many users with more than 300 games). You could leave the game servers right after you join but what's the point in that? As a nitro subsriber, I think it's just stupid that they decided to kill the store because now you can't easily see what games you can buy and games are pretty much capped at 100 in best case scenario.

  • WeXaztor

    This sounds like a really weird way of doing things. Doesn't seem like a good way to actually get games sold.

  • LuckyLaur

    From what I can tell, this was requested so that game creators/company can advertise their discord server and be able to display their game to sell at the same time. I just can't seem to understand how this helps in sales ....I don't know anyone who's joined a gaming server for a game they didn't already own. It's such an odd concept.

  • blue.rose.petals

    i agree with the above!  first off it's hard to even discover servers.  second off, I went looking for games to purchase and I couldn't find any except nitro and frankly I don't like those.  how do I find games?  I'm so confused, there has to be an easy way?  otherwise I'll probably just keep chatting on the servers I was invited to and never buy anything.

  • CloudTheWolf

    As a developer I have halted the release of my game on discord for now as it's pointless releasing on a platform with no front end... guess I'll stick with Steam for now.

  • MajinGajeel

    Looks like I'm staying with buying my games on Steam. I wanted to buy certain games through Discord since they are supposed to support the Devs more but doesn't seem like they want to. 

  • Val

    Why in the world do they not want users to spend money on their platform? Are they trying to drive their new store into the ground?

  • Lothrik (MaXiMiUS)

    Making a store that most people don't even know exists harder to access was a terrible decision. The whole point of a store is to advertise the products contained within. Bring back the Store and advertise it properly.

  • Magor

    Wow, this is the dumbest decision you could have possibly made. I never join a server belonging to a company, and therefore will never buy games on Discord, I guess.

    Good job guys.

  • Devilskock

    I wonder if they were attempting to do something similar to what bandcamp has for music artists. The custom server thing seems similar to how you can have a custom URL that doesn't mention bandcamp in the name despite still running through the site (same for background, tags, artwork, videos, physical merch, etc.) I think they missed a pretty big thing from that though and it's that bandcamp actually has a store to browse that links all of those URLs together in a way that's easy for both the artist and the buyer. It's setup like any other online storefront when just browsing up front but goes to the more specific pages when you click on it. Discord just kind of failed on it by allowing the servers but doesn't group them by tags, show new games, have a storefront that links them now and has no way of knowing if the server even has a store link. Very dumb way of doing it and I would hope for their sake they revert it back since the big two right now are Steam and Epic, trying to compete while making it actively harder to buy anything on your store when convenience is everything is a very poor choice.

  • DanTheMan_1234

    i dont want nitro in the store so why not seperate them? (also you make some good points) ALSO ADD A WALLET DISCORD

  • Fr0stii

    This is very annoying to me because when there is a free game that comes out on Discord, I'm going to naturally think that it's a Nitro subscription game, and not free. Please change it back so my tiny 14 yr old mind doesn't explode with confusion.


    This is pretty much going to get all the devs AND gamers looking to use discord off of discord.

  • comradeklar

    Yeah, came on today to buy my first game on Discord, and found out that this was no longer an option. I'm honestly a little flabbergasted at this decision. Are they TRYING to give all their business to Epic and Steam? I mean, I'm never going to buy nitro. I absolutely despise subscription services, and usually cancel them within the first month, if I even try them at all. Well, guess I saved myself 40 bucks today lol


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