Server list scrollbar



  • Dave Lister

    I have the same issue using the web client in Chrome.

  • Pivot Dinosaur

    I tried the navigate through server shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Up/DownKey), but that only effected the channel list.

  • samuraislayer1234

    You can use your fingers and slide on both the left and right side of the touch pad on a laptop to scroll up and down.

  • Sasa

    there USED to be a server scrollbar. but the Discord went and deleted it, making it near impossible for people (like me) who use a Trackpad on their Laptop that doesn't have a built in scrolling function. it takes me about 10+ attempts to get the server list to scroll, and even when it does, sometimes it stops responding halfway through. BRING BACK THE SCROLLBAR!!

  • Nightmare3711

    This is a needed feature, even with a mouse. It takes unnecessarily long to scroll down. It's not the worst, but it's just big enough that it gets annoying

  • SwagDragon©8957(Jesús)

    When will Discord see this already and realize that this issue is not a joke?

  • Pho 0.o

    uh-huh its super annoying.

  • Gustavo6046

    It's also an issue in the standalone client (on Linux). This leads me to believe this is present in the interface code Discord reused between platforms. It most likely is intentional design, but I see no point. My scroll wheel isn't functioning, but any sane application with scrolling provides you with a scroll bar! What gives, Discord?


    EDIT: I've realized it probably has to do with the mobile client. Mobile (touchscreen) interfaces don't need scroll bars for quite obvious reasons. However, there is a lot of code Discord doesn't reuse between mobile and desktop interfaces, so if this is true, they probably modified the code that is reused.

  • stabbs

    this is practically needed. i hate scrolling with a mouse because of a squeaky noise the scroll wheel makes, it's abominable. it'd also be frustrating for people that genuinely can't use a scroll wheel due to limited mobility.

  • Kat

    I find it ridiculous that we've been asking for this for literal years and still have yet to get it.

  • Irene

    I am literally unable to use my Discord properly because of a lack of a scrollbar in the server section. I can deal with the scrollbar being only seeable when I hover over it. I should be able to use my laptop without a mouse just to halfway use Discord properly. There is absolutely no reason for a severe lack of it. The Home and End buttons have stopped working almost entirely. I've sometimes taken 20 tries to get it to work.



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