Suppress @everyone and @here per channel



  • Zacatero
    This is already possible within the server notification settings
  • fireshaper

    This isn't possible in Server Notifications settings. You can suppress the entire server's @here and @everyone, but not on a per-channel basis.

  • aturtledoesbite

    I'd like to request this as well; some servers I'm in will have a channel that uses @here liberally and another channel that uses @here occasionally, when I typically only care about the latter (but don't want to mute the former either).

  • Lord Death

    I too, would like to request this.  Very useful.  I would think we should be able to select or deselect any notifications on a per channel basis please.


  • tika

    It's common practice for streamers' Discord servers to @everyone when notifying of a stream. This is... fine... but when this is frequent and predictable, I really don't care to get the mention indicators. Then when the rest of the server has @everyones that I want to pay attention to, the server-wide suppression just doesn't quite cut it.


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