Suppress @everyone and @here per channel



  • Zacatero
    This is already possible within the server notification settings
  • fireshaper

    This isn't possible in Server Notifications settings. You can suppress the entire server's @here and @everyone, but not on a per-channel basis.

  • aturtledoesbite

    I'd like to request this as well; some servers I'm in will have a channel that uses @here liberally and another channel that uses @here occasionally, when I typically only care about the latter (but don't want to mute the former either).

  • Lord Death

    I too, would like to request this.  Very useful.  I would think we should be able to select or deselect any notifications on a per channel basis please.


  • tika

    It's common practice for streamers' Discord servers to @everyone when notifying of a stream. This is... fine... but when this is frequent and predictable, I really don't care to get the mention indicators. Then when the rest of the server has @everyones that I want to pay attention to, the server-wide suppression just doesn't quite cut it.

  • Some1ellse

    I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been implemented yet, and that it doesn't have many upvotes on here.


    I too would really like this feature, specifically for streamer discords, and the ability to mute bot and announcement channels, while still being able to be notified when chat channels I do care about mention @here or @everyone.

    I would also be nice to be able to mute @here separately from @everyone instead of it being the same setting for both.

  • Firefox

    Extremely surprised this isn't implemented yet, I need this.

  • SirPikaPika

    Also surprised this hasn't been implemented, I fully support this feature being added

  • JubeTube

    I have a channel set to "Nothing" for notifications and I still get @everyone notifications. There is another setting for "Only @mentions" that should have this behavior, not "Nothing."

  • MalicWanderer

    Please implement this, I'm on an international game company's server and it is infuriating seeing the red dot of big announcement only to realize it's for one of their german language games and I couldn't read it even if I wanted to, but I absolutely want to know asap when there's news about an english product.

  • Valardragon

    This is honestly a serious usability problem for people on multiple Discords. Please fix this

  • j

    Three years later, and this feature is still needed, please.

  • Xella

    So it turns out that not only is this not rolled into what "Nothing" for Notification Settings (which DO exist per-channel) does, but even when you mute a channel AND have its notification settings set to "nothing," @everyone, @here, @role, and @user pings will still pop up a notification in the channel in question.  I thought this was a bug and just spent the last week going back and forth with some (very helpful) employees, but it turns out this is intended behaviour, and if I want to suppress pings in a muted channel, I have to suppress them across the entire server.

    That's really not going to fly for me.


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