Add the ability to locally disable server banners



  • Homie Box
    Would it be on, by default?
  • Middy

    Essential. Yet another basic rule of UI design crapped on by Discord. Who in their right mind would obstruct useful information (channel names) with useless information (badly-drawn banner)? It adds nothing, there's no reason for it, space is being wasted. Discord's design has gotten progressively worse the further they stray from the foundations they "borrowed" from Slack. Please, just hire somebody who knows what they're doing.

  • A1an

    The banner on verified servers has removed the scroll/slider for the rooms for me on the desktop app, just the official name of the server with a tick in text format would be fine, a image does look nice but it doesn't add anything.

    There is no scroll/slider on the server column either it has not been there for sometime now.

  • Moki

    I realize this is an older post but 100% agreed... Many of the servers I'm in are adding banners and it's distracting and very annoying. I wish there was a way to disable seeing them on a user basis. 

  • xela_aklarts

    This is an old post but can it please get considered?

  • tammis

    This would be a very good addition. As an admin of a server with a banner, I have received complaints that the banner obstructs the sidebar. I understand the point of view but I still want to retain the banner, so having the option to hide the banner on a server-by-server basis would be optimal. Being able to individually hide muted channels would also help mitigate the screen real estate congestion (we have a subchannel for bot interaction that keeps people from being able to hide all muted channels, because they want it muted but easily accessible).

  • Mister_Matey

    Especially if a server for some reason has a nsfw-like banner but the rest of the servers clean and you dont wanna see that stuff.

  • Mister_Matey

    Also maybe they should add like a blur out to nsfw server banners automatically unless you clicked on it just to confirm you wanted to see it.


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