Server Banners for all servers



  • purpzie

    Yes!! Imagine all of the smaller communities as well that would benefit from having a new and cool place to customize the server and express themselves. It's like an extension of the server icon, but cooler!

  • Pyxel

    Wouldn't hurt to give unofficial/verified servers a little bit more customization.

  • lukee

    Nah. Only verified servers should get these perks.

  • Inácio Øliveira

    Partners get these perks?

  • ks

    @Inácio Oliveira no only verified servers (i.e game devs etc) atm, partners will probably get it later

    @lukee id love to hear some argumentation about your point, it really help to understand people and their point of view :)

  • Trygve

    We absolutely need this. I think there is way to little server customization so this would realy help with that.

  • Gecko

    I totally disagree with this suggestion. This feature must remain for certified servers only, small small communities don't need it and allowing anybody to use this feature will lead to a lot of abuses.

  • JoeRobbi

    How would this be abused at all?  It is literally just an image in a server.  Why is it limited in the first place?

  • heyimnikolai

    I agree with this suggestion. It would be awesome to get it because of the possiblities.

  • Mastergeko4

    If this gets upvoted, let’s hope it can get the attention of the staff.

  • Vladplaya

    Yeah, holding this feature hostage is just not cool. Definitely needs to be standard option for customization for all servers.

  • Talis

    the banners are supposed to be a privilege for verified servers though

  • BlueLava

    I think this should be available to all servers there could be a special verified tag in the image but the ability to use an image itself should be available to all, it really would be useful to servers who have to rely on having their main banner in a channel

  • Lokkie

    Agree with thread. Let give us more customization features please :D

  • ahegao_daddy69

    I've seen a few examples already, and I'm really wanting to make my server look more official. Hopefully this is at the very least a nitro feature, if not open to all server owners. A defining banner makes a huge difference in the presentation and overall feel of a server.

  • altaïr

    tbh only verified servers should have these perks.. making such things public loses its uniqueness about the stuff..

  • Stasi-02 { Koby }

    I believe that the servers with over 10 members should have this feature, as opposed to verified ones. This is a really cool feature that shouldn't be limited to "verified servers" simply because it's a privilege, this would be a nice addition to any server making it look more professional. I hope that in the future, we can have more custom configurations for servers and users alike, ahem, more themes, ahem.

  • roatpkz

    I agree with this. I feel like they exclude smaller communities by only letting verified servers have this feature.

    Either they should allow server verification for smaller communities, or allow it to servers with a set of small requirements.
    Billedresultat for poro lol

  • ks

    so, recent feature addition (nitro boosting) added ability to unlock banners
    seems like staff noticed this post and decided to paywall it since this gained some traction. i hoped they will open more to smaller servers that could benefit in Having some vanity in them but i didnt expect Pay-To-Win like scenario

  • voxtagrams

    Free banner > more discord users > happy discord devs.

    Be happy by making us happy and Wumpus will be happy with more friends!

  • ks
    to make it clear: Server boosting is not resolution to this suggestion. This suggestion wasn't meant to be fullfiled by paywalling feature behind server boosting. this suggestion intended server banners to be **basic feature for server customisation available for FREE**
  • Salty

    its pretty bad that $100 has to go to discord for you to get this little feature. ya i know you get other features with your nitro but to get this you have to have 10 different people willing to boost your server. I have near 100 people on my server and only 3 of us have nitro.

  • Rigezer

    Я думаю, вам нужно сделать баннеры на всех серверах, чтобы люди интересовались вашим сервером. Да, плюс вы можете сделать свою собственную ссылку на приглашение сервера. Поэтому пусть разработчики Discord сделают эту функцию бесплатной, а не Nitro Boost и партнерские или проверенные серверы! Люди, которые не были проверены или недостаточно участников, также являются людьми, и они также хотят хорошего качества.

  • Rejgnar

    Well, I think we should keep it the way it is. #Discord needs to be fianced to maintain its free use for everyone! #Ballance#Hype

  • MCDogFreeman

    I think Nitro Boosting is an interesting way to allow the banner, though a small server may cause people not to want to support the server and rather support a bigger server or their own server. I think it should at least be a little easier to get the banner

  • Vladplaya

    @『𝕄ℂ_𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕣』Nitro Boosting is a joke. They gated simple visual customization behind greedy paywall. It would have been much better if they simply allowed sever admins to just buy that option with a reasonable one time payment, but instead they want at least 10 to give them their money. They are so desperate at getting people to pay anyway possible, it's just sad.

  • • NiAraChi •

    I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ADD A BANNER TO MY SERVER! I searched how to do it and found it, then i went back to my server and try but i couldn't find it! is it still available? if so can you help?

  • MCDogFreeman

    @• NiAraChi • right now you have to either be an official server with like 1k members, or get 50 people to boost your server

    So, uh... yeah, not very easy

  • Siya

    @『𝕄ℂ_𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕣』 what do u mean with boost the server? my server has over 50 ppl, so can i use this banner feature??

  • roatpkz

    @Gerua You cannot use the banner feature unless 10 people boost your server. This requires 10 people with Discord Nitro which is a paid privilege. If you don’t know what server boosting is, you might want to read up on it on Discord’s website.


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