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  • Eret

    Great idea, but you can actually do something like this already relatively easily. In our server if we want to archive a channel we move it down to an "Archive" category that only Admins can see, click "Edit Channel", go to the "Permissions" tab and then click "Sync Now" to sync that channel's permissions with the permissions of the "Archive" category. This makes the channel only visible to Admins (or anyone with a role giving them permissions to see that category).

    If we want to un-archive a channel, we just move it back to the relevant live category, sync its' permissions and then manually fix any unique permissions that the channel is supposed to have. 

    This is what we do and it's very effective, I hope this helps!

  • dabaldeagul

    already possible. make a category called "archive" (or anything else) and change the permission so @everyone cant see text and voice channels. to make an higher role (eg moderators) able to see it just change their permissions so they can see it (but maybe can't send messages if you want).

  • CorrynRose

    Yes, but just hitting an archive button would be a million times easier tbh... we finally just gave up and made an archive folder, but I just feel like it shouldn't be in the main server itself at all and only be accessible through settings or something. Having the whole archive folder just adds one more thing to the server, even if its collapsed and muted, plus it removes the ability to further classify your archives which would be useful in Roleplaying servers


  • kunal

    Appreciate the notes above, but still can't for the life of me figure this out.  You should add an archive channels feature! Giving it 10 minutes (which is a lot for somethign basic) and then we'll sadly just delete our channels because this is too hard.

  • zup

    The problem about just moving channels to an "archive"-category is that there is a limit on how many channels you can have in a specific category. You will hit this limit sooner or later, we have already hit it on our server.. Therefore there should be an archive button and api call to archive channels to another place that does not have such a small limit of archived channels

  • ouss

    I totally agree. Most of the other tools I use on a daily basis have an Archive tool now (trello, whatsapp, gmail...). I was quite surprised that their was no such feature on Discord to be honnest.

    To avoid taking decisions by email, we have a category for every bog subject. Then we create a channel for every decision we make with a date in the beginning of the name of the channel. It would be great to simply being able to archive the channel once the decision is made

  • Fuhrmanator

    Thanks for posting the work-around. The fact that 88 people (so far) upvoted this, I'm guessing the real number is 100 times that (many won't Google it or log in to this server to upvote).

    Rather than implement an "Archive channel" action, why not just have the "Archive" category be an option when you create a server? It would be created with the @everyone permissions pre-set, and then it's intuitive to drag channels there. 

  • Stexe

    I agree as well. I have a lot of channels just taking up space since we use them at our university for teaching and communicating with our class. It would be nice if we could archive these old channels and/or save all the dialog and text and stuff, and have it so they don't take up one of the 100 Discord channels. I keep hitting the 100 channel limit, since I have like 20 just from school alone. Being able to save these and "archive" them so that I could go back and check our discussion and lesson plan and stuff would be extremely useful as the class is over but simply deleting the whole channel would lose a lot of content that could be used in future class lessons.

  • Jordi

    Indeed, I would go a step further, I would love to be able to archive groups of channels that live under a category into a zipped file that I can restore when needed.

  • Jourdan

    Totally agree with all this. Archiving a channel so it's still accessible, but not editable, and doesn't take up valuable real estate in the side bar would be super useful. I'm also frustrated by the first reaction of people suggesting that because workarounds are possible, the feature wouldn't be useful.

  • pj.bottoms

    Yes completely agree with CorrynRose above. Should be obvious that moving channels into an archive category removes them from their meaningful category, which is still relevant for archived material. Intentional archive feature, not workaround please!


    Moving to a category is not a real solution, because:

    1. It still takes space on the list

    2. I means that archived channels becomes unsearchable if you don't have a archived role, or either you mess up with the original permissions, and you risk making private channels public once archived (if you sync with the Archived category)

    3. you will reach a channel limit sooner or later


  • Dr. Chernoff

    What worked for me was to kick everyone out of the server after the class was over.

    Right click the server, go to Server Settings, then click Members.

    You can then click the three dots, and kick everyone out (with a nice goodbye message).

    The server is private, so they shouldn't be able to access it. And I've got all the channels with everything everyone posted.

  • Stexe

    Dr. Chernoff ( ): Kicking everyone from the server is only a stopgap solution. With a limit of being on ~100 servers it only will work for so long. It also keeps the server on Discord, which means if you have issues with Discord you'll have issues with the server. There should be a way to download and archive all the messages. Same with chats. Having the ability to archive and backup the data is hugely useful for archivists, historians, and so many others.

  • Umar_0x01

    pls implement UwU

  • Croissant

    Absolutely agree, people saying you can just make an archive category that only mods can see, bro the mods don't wanna see that  

  • Carlos Ribeiro

    +1 to add the archive feature!

    As Discord becomes appealing to more business (we were testing for long, but changed after yesterday's Whatsapp meltdown) an archive is really needed. I intend to open a channel for each project we're working with to separate conversations and manage memberships better. We have something like 1000 projects per year, and up to 50 open at any given time. Even if I only open a channel for bigger projects (the ones that last more than two weeks or so) we'll still have over a hundred projects per year. Archiving keeps the view less polluted. Also, there should be a way to download and backup the channel for business users.

  • akovia

    I can't believe this still hasn't been implemented.  

    We set up temp channels to deal with specific issues that only specific people have access. We need to be able to recall these channels if needed, but not have them take up room in or server lists.

    Please implement this soon. I know you know that we all know this should be a thing. ;)

  • Ninjamaster4427

    I have a volunteer team that helps run a Minecraft Server Discord and some of our old "ideas" channels for various projects and old player channels would be perfect candidates for an archive feature. (FYI, threads only helps for the future not the past.) This way we could save off those months of ideas into a file and come back to the when we reopen a project or think we could repurpose ideas. Minecraft Server Discords are typically channel-heavy so the channel limit will fill up fast with the evolution of Minecraft Servers and their required channels.

  • dumbxssdruid

    This was submitted three years ago, why is it not a function already?? Especially considering how much of everyone's work has moved online during this pandemic, it would make organizing everything way easier.

  • Erica Rogers

    4yrs ago...and no moment on this by Discord...whyyyyy!? Please add an option to archive channels...atm the only option is to delete them. And the so called 'option' to just create a Archive category with limited permissions and move them NOT a reasonable solution (with 100 channel limit/category). It may be a work around, but heaven help those with very active servers...glad I'm not in that boat. Come-on Discord.

  • dustii

    We need this function. Whether it’s compressing the archived channels/chats/categories into zips, (which could cross function as moving channels with chats into other servers-! For backing up and such— because ideally you can restore archives) or creating a separate storage space for archiving chats, we need this! It would be incredibly useful to retire old channels and even take them off a server completely with the option to restore if needed, but it frees up channel limits!

  • Piratechs

    Here is a semi work around I found.

    The channels you want to archive, you can mute them until you turn them back on and then in your server settings, click hide muted channels! You could also put these channels into categories and role restrict them before muting to make sure only the right people can see them, even if they are muted.

    Not ideal, would still love an actual archive feature, but this seems to be working for me and I can declutter my server channels.


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