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  • 『 Bitslayn 』

    I would want this. Sometimes when it comes to bots and users, because I often limit permissions via the channel, I tend to feel limited where I want users to only post images or see messages sent by certain users. I'd love to see this or something similar as bots can't do most things efficiently.

  • Akki
    nice, however it would be better if this feature comes optional inside the developer mode. Otherwise it'll make stuff even more confusing for newbies on discord.
  • Raider

    A nice thing can be you can make customized perms(Not adding permissions, but customize some perms)
    Like Manage messages is granted for that role, but only for certain things, like pin the message or edit it.

  • Imaproshaman


  • Night2078

    We really need this. Just make it toggleable with a Button "Advanced Permissions" or something like this. I want my Bots to only Assign and Revoke Roles, but not create new ones. That's most likely a security breach and hackers can use that to take over servers. The suggestion is about 7 months old and i really hope this is something the Discord Developers are considering soon.

  • Falcon

    On a server I help administrate, we have 50+ roles. We recently gave one of our users a role at the bottom of the list and toggled the 'Manage Roles' permission within said role. The permission clearly states that the user can create new roles and edit/delete roles BELOW THE CURRENT ROLE. In the attached image(, you can see that the 'Jakku' role is at the bottom, however when we toggle the Manage Roles permission on that role, said users were able to assign themselves roles 40+ roles above the 'Jakku' role. This caused one said user to assign themselves every role they could and create havoc to the point where I had to kick said user in order to reset their roles and fix everything. I filed a support ticket and they basically said that it was working as intended, which is stupid because it says one thing but does another completely different thing. At the very least, can we get some updated verbiage to correctly reflect what the permission ACTUALLY does?

  • Night2078

    That's the problem with combined permissions. If you give someone a bottom role with manage roles, he still can create a admin role and give them all perms and assign it to himself.

    I really hope they gonna add this soon enough. Curious why it wasn't in the first place? Did nobody thought, why do we put all those permissions into one. I mean, it's "noob friendly", but for those like me who wants to give admins only the perm to assign and revoke roles and not create one, is absolute garbage.

    Let's pray they gonna finally hear us and add this.


    Yes please. Split perms up through a toggle so people can toggle 'Advanced Permissions' on and off. This would make Discord flawless in my opinion. Discord does everything right except that (in my opinion).

  • CallMeJabro

    I really want to be able to let people add roles to users but not delete them. I want this advanced permissions so I can let them add roles but not delete them.

  • ! NarutoSage

    Doing this would encourage additional securities to servers that they jus my don’t have right now. This would make the security sound.

    This would also increase the work ability of permissions as a value instead of getting the permission and using a separate system that takes the Boolean and converts to an interger please take the next step discord.

  • Badger

    This would be amazing. Discord is a great platform, but has always slacked in terms of security in my opinion. I understand that Discord wants to be simple for everyone to use, which is why the current permission system is great for that. However, I suggest having another tab for advanced permissions setup in which users can opt into setting up the permissions for each action rather than the general simple groups of actions we have for permissions currently. Doing this would make Discord flawless as FAXES above had stated. I really hope you can take this into consideration. It doesn't even need a nice UI, just make it a configuration file we can edit or something. Advanced users will be able to figure it out and set it up. No need to spend extra resources making a nice UI for all the options. I really hope you guys can add this eventually.


    This is a draft of what I think should be added permission wise to the advanced permission system if/when added. Pretty much refining other permissions and splitting them up into their own permissions.

    Permissions to just:

    • @ a role
    • @everyone
    • @here
    • Create/Delete roles
    • Give/Remove roles
    • Create/Delete channels
    • Edit channels
    • Manage message pins
    • Delete messages


    I can't personally complain with voice permissions as I think they're good and refined. But those mentioned above, although smaller changes, they can really enhance user experience in terms of setting up their server and permissions.

    As for the toggle. Under `Moderation` in a guilds settings have a checkbox for `Advanced Permissions` as I think it would have to be in the servers settings rather than user settings as that could create conflicts.

    Other than that. I think these are great first steps to improving the current permissions system. <3

  • Ian Foot

    This would perfect Discord for me

  • Bobby

    This would take me back to my Teamspeak days this would be amazing.

  • Jason Tucker


  • charmines

    Sounds like a great idea and would also be nice if bots for example could have its own permissions and in a separate GUI for each bot


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