Manage Roles



  • Paulsen, Chris

    I actually reported this as a bug, and was told it is a feature... This needs to be reworked. A permission on a role should not give the higher roles a user has that permission - it should only have that permission's authority over the roles UNDER it.

  • Link.Sine

    Hard agree. I have visual flare roles on my server, which need to be close to the top so that their colors override other roles. 
    When I set someone near the bottom as having "Manage Roles", I don't expect the permission to take the highest role that person has into account, I expect it to be applied to the specific role I gave the permission to!

    (And while we're on the subject, manage roles and add roles need to be separate permissions.)  

  • Windy

    I agree with this strongly.

    I ran into this problem - I just want my moderators to be able to give and take away roles from members, but by giving them this permission, they can give and take the respective roles to absoltuely everyone including admins. Additionally they per default can manage all role permissions on category and channel level unless I explicitly add a disallow to each and every category first. 

    Manage roles and Manage permissions really need to be two separate permissions. Otherwise the manage role permission is way too powerful.

    My curent workaround is to work with a bot that has the perm to manage roles. So Moderators dont need the permission anymore and I can make the bot allow them to give and take away roles via command. But it's a bad work around for us, especially when it comes to seasonal roles that would be way easier to be quickly added by two mouseclicks and  now need a command.


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