Push notifications for large servers on channel by channel bases.



  • The Boo

    @username I know this... The problem is if your server grows to over 2500 members, discord shuts off push notifications for anything but mentions on all channels. They do not tell you they do this but I just spent a few days with discord support figuring out why I no longer receive push notifications for the server I mod on. They do this to reduce strain on their servers which is understandable.

    What I am asking for is the ability to turn on push notifications for role restricted channels in the server instead of just a blanket shut down. If a channel is restricted to a certain number of people (a mod chat channel for example), maybe less than 100 users, we could turn on push notifications without worrying about bogging down the servers

  • The Boo

    Again, this does not work if the server is over 2500 people.

  • Isaac Bear

    I second this request. I am a moderator on a server and would like to keep aware of activity in the moderator only channel but I mostly only use mobile and my server is quite large. Allowing a specific override switch for role restricted channels under a certain size would be greatly appreciated.

  • SenayDragon

    I third this. I hate missing notifications because I’m playing a different app game on my phone.

  • l2aelba

    Vote up! Or server boosting should enable for 2500+

  • swu107

    Vote up!

  • Hacksore

    This needs to be a feature! I'm in a large discord with smaller channels and it would be super useful to have this.

  • Muus

    I would also love to be able to receive phone notifications regardless of the size of the server. This is so lame.
    Maybe keep it like this as default, but give the people the option to change if they want it...

  • allypad

    I DEFINITELY agree with this. We should be allowed to receive push notifications at the very least on certain channels. I don’t understand AT ALL why this is not an option 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. I miss so much in my group because I don’t get notifications soon enough and it’s extremely frustrating.

  • Batwolf

    Supporting this 100%, I'm a moderator for a server that just hit 2,500. We're a mobile gaming community and I can't just sit around with my discord open 24/7. At least allow server owners and moderators to get notifications.

  • FaeQueenCory

    Seems that this is a larger problem for people in a "management" position on their servers. Keeping it for the average user is probably fine, but perhaps allowing it to be disabled for "higher ups" on a server should be done as soon as possible.

  • allypad

    This needs to be changed!! I just can’t understand why WE can’t receive as many notifications as we want!! Absolutely ridiculous. This has killed opportunities for me to get in conversations that I would love to be a part of at the time. I can’t sit with Discord open 24/7 either. Very very disappointing!!

  • Wooreg

    Yes we need this feature as soon as possible !

  • ay00ant

    Why can’t we receive push notification already

  • Haplo808

    I am also a moderator on a 3.5k member server. I also want to enable push notifs for all messages. Can Discord please make this happen?

  • arpitthehero

    This is a duplicate of Feedback. If you want to feedback to be implemented, upvote in the following Feedback as it has more up votes.

  • kpwxx

    arpitthehero thanks, I have voted for that one, however, the requests are slightly different - this one is more specific and thus addresses the reason the feature is not available in the first place.

    Discord are almost certain not to allow notifs to be turned on for larger servers in general (as the other request asks for) because this would put a lot of strain on their servers, but allowing them to be on for specific channels as long as the number of members with access is below a certain number might be something they'd implement.

  • Juan.Soto

    2 Years later and it would be awesome

  • Zeta

    Nitro feature perhaps?

  • bvisness

    I would be happy if push notifications could be allowed specifically for announcement channels in large community servers. Those channels should naturally have a much lower rate of posting, and unfortunately because of this restriction, they barely function as announcement channels at all.

  • noxfromthevoid

    I can't believe this feedback is so old and no action has been taken on it. I didn't realize this was a feature until a couple months ago when a server I'm really active in suddenly stopped giving me notifications. It just recently reached over 2500 people, but only about 20 people tops actually talk in the chat (its a YouTuber's discord, so most people are part of it only for more reliable updates and upload notifications than YouTube itself). If I'm not at my desktop or actively have discord open on my phone, I get nothing from them, even if I have the "all messaged" option selected. There needs to be a way to opt out of the notification restriction. If people don't want constant notifications, they can mute the server themselves (I have several individual channels muted, but the servers themselves & certain channels I have on all or only mentions).


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