Support for higher audio sample rates



  • ||Jojo||
    I think its because Discord called them voice (not music) channels and designed it for gamers with low latence and bandwith prefered!
  • Miety

    Bandwidth and frequency do not relate directly. It is just a configuration issue, I suppose.

    On windows, at least, the discord app seems to open its audio device with fixed rate, 44.1kHz.
    But as a general rule, applications which use the sound devices in "shared mode" should open them with "default" rate, to obey the configurations of OSes about their sound devices; found as "sample rate for shared mode".

    Then we could adjust the sample rate to be familiar with our environment.

  • irsl

    if you are producing music, 48kHz is all you need

    higher sample rates are only useful for special recording situations where you plan on transposing down one or two octaves. 


    "Sampling rates higher than about 50 kHz to 60 kHz cannot supply more usable information for human listeners. "


  • LaChaDerp

    "if you are producing music, 48kHz is all you need

    higher sample rates are only useful for special recording situations where you plan on transposing down one or two octaves."


    That couldn't be more wrong.

  • Isaias Lafon

    Jojo is right but the others don't know about music production! 48Khz is low for quality on music, But is a standard, 192 is better, but only if you have speakers or headphones able to apreciate that quality, with 44.1Khz y 48Khz you have critical sampling ove 8000 Hz!!! with 1% distortion of the soundwave at least! More close to 20000 less samples for second to represent that frequencies!

  • BeauBastion

    Please don't turn this into a sample rate argument as that's off topic. Users want support for higher sample rates and I for one support this feature.

  • Sporesirius

    Please add this feature :(

  • KingSins

    Yes, it is. I can't stream movies with a frequency higher than 48k. After 10-15 minutes, my viewers get background noise. I have to restart the stream. 2021, discord can't be optimized.

  • Mr Bullet

    I've been using a 192kHz 24bit interface for years now and I never had major problems with dc. However, friends have told me that they had some weird distorted noises in my dc streams and from time to time I hear a distorted crack. Today I started dc and I did not hear anything and I couldn't talk to anyone. Any other program as well as Windows works perfectly fine. When I switch to 48kHz discord also works. 

    My conclusion about this is that dc completely dropped support for sample rates over 48kHz due to many bugs they didn't want to fix. I don't see the point why I should have to consume everything with 48kHz just to be able to use dc.

    PS: 96kHz actually works

  • NightmareAKz

    Found this thread because of that problem. After updating my client today, discord failed to send other users' voices to my output, and only started to work after lowering the sample rate below 192k Hz.

  • justryin

    Yup just found this thread because of the same issue im having. I thought I was going crazy. Seems even finicky . Have to restart to get it to work. 

  • KniL

    Same here, found this thread after searching about my 192k Hz problem with Discord

  • Bodycounter

    Mr Bullet

    I have had the exact same problem since yesterday. I was unable to hear anyone in Discord at 32bit/192kHz. It took me an hour to notice that the problem was my sample frequency because everything else worked fine. Discord should at least inform the users when they change things like this so drastically.

    24bit/48kHz does work for me and there's no audible difference. 32bit/192kHz is gimmicky anyway but it was hard to get behind the problem in the first place.


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