Role Permission Power (Like TeamSpeak 3)



  • ||Jojo||
    Sounds more worse than the current permission system.
  • ᵁᴰᵉᵃᴰ ArMaGeDoNx

    It was dope on TS3. This fonction is an OPTION so you can use the basic system (the one currently on discord) and for advanced player, you can use the second one (the power system)

  • FRNathan13

    This is based on your discord guild, not all. You can create a bot that have a virtual currency using powers to make made this.

    Remember discord need be usable for everyone not for one only.

  • ᵁᴰᵉᵃᴰ ArMaGeDoNx

    That's why it can be an option. If you want the simple way, you can do stay with the simple one. 

  • Doc

    i thinks its better the actual system (but need more permissions, or more detailed) the order/perms are good actually.


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