Increase max embed character limit



  • JohannLau

    After merging the requests from other posters, I believe that these numbers make more sense:

    • Title - 300
    • Author - 300
    • Description - 3072
    • Footer - 2048
    • Field Names - 300
    • Field descriptions - 2048
    • All URLs - 2048 (To capacitate some long URLs)
    • Embed total - 8000

    In addition, custom links such as

    [Mask example](

    should be less restrictive - character limits should count the mask text instead of the entire URL and all the brackets.

  • Kitty 🐈

    I was about to start a post for something similar when I found this one so I will add as a comment instead:

    Please increase Embed Title Limit from 256 to 300 characters to match Reddit title limit of 300.

    I do not want to cut the title short as I need all the info in it, and I have noticed other bots just skipping posts with longer titles from there when they do not have it truncated. I am currently putting the longer titles into description as a workaround but this looks strange when compared to other posts with actual embed titles.


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