Steam connect integration



  • Gamecube762

    I also want to add a [[Connect]](steam://connect/ button to showcase my servers. Currently my workaround is to use a url from my own website which redirects to the steam url. Sadly, if the website owner is untrustworthy, then this method is the perfect setup for a MITM attack and puts users at risk. The safest way is to run your own website to redirect with or even better for discord to add this feature and eliminate this risk entirely.

    Discord already shows "links are spooky" when you open urls, I think the same could work out for `steam://` urls. Showing something along the lines of "This url opens an external program (Steam) on your machine." would help users be aware of what it does.

    Adding support for TeamSpeak's `ts3server://` would also be nice.

  • StriciSupreme☹


  • joe

    There are a lot of communities on discord that would benefit from being able to embed links like this for games that don't support game invites natively but support direct connect through Steam.

  • Vitex



    I'm hoping they'll add this.


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