Parental controls! Please!



  • username

    Discord ToS would likely have to change for this to happen, as it currently states that "By using or accessing the Discord application (the “App”) or the website ... you agree (i) that you are 13 years of age or older,"

  • Hao

    I can't agree more. My teen even had recurring charges from Discord which I have no idea what she's subscribing for. As a parent I need to be able to control that !

  • JayG

    GTFreeFlyer said it perfectly.  It would benefit Discord and kids, parents and grandparents if parents could confidently let pre-13-year-old kids join certain Discord servers without exposing their kids all the threats any parent can imagine when his child is on the Internet.

  • Optimus Prime

    GTFreeFlyer Is right my kid wants to buddy up but its a stranger. WE VOTE FOR KIDZ.

  • Mariettagecko

    I agree and want to echo what others have said here.  I would love it if Discord could create an account type where, during the creation process, if the person attempting to create the account entered a birthdate under the appropriate age for their country, it would require parent involvement.  Maybe even allow me, as a parent of an under-13 child, to create a special sub-account associated with mine and/or my wife's account, which could only access servers we approved.  I want to allow my daughter to access a discord server for our church and one for a small group of her friends, but I don't want to have two accounts myself.  

    Such an account should allow for a parent to grant a subscription for Nitro to their child account, allow the parent to approve friend requests, and allow the parent account to control what server(s) the child joins.  Finally, such an account should be able to be promoted to a full account at or after the age where they can sign up normally.

  • Erudian

    Bringing this back into the spotlight a bit. I have several Discord servers that I've set up for various purposes. One of my recent servers is a family chat server where I can bring together members of my family from all over the place to be able to chat - both text and voice/video - with each other just to stay in touch. Part of that is allowing our kids to chat whenever they want so they can really get to know each other since they can't see each other in person very often. Many of them are under 10yo, though, so, as a parent, I want to be sure they're not "accidentally" jumping into servers and such without my permission.

    A "child" account - similar to the Apple or Facebook child accounts that are available for parents to have some control over their kids' actions - would be absolutely fantastic for this type of scenario, enabling our kids to make those family connections with their cousins, even from hundreds of miles away. As long as I have the final say in what servers my child joins or friends my child accepts, this would absolutely be at the top of my list of feature requests for Discord.

    As a part of the Parental Controls, kids should not be able to change certain app settings or features (e.g., access to NSFW channels), create their own servers, or accept server invites without parental consent. Some of the AutoMod features could be enabled by default, such as profanity or other strong language filters and/or mention spam (for those kids that haven't learned impulse control yet).

    Also Reference: Discord's lack of parental controls, and possible solutions (Updated)


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