Underscores being used for formatting/markdown is causing some text issues



  • Athanasius

    Discord is erroneously triggering italics from underscores **anywhere** in text, rather than only after a word boundary.

    I'm running into this when sending things like:


    talking about some code with a snake_case() function```

    It switches to italics from `case()...` onwards until the next underscore.  It plain shouldn't be triggering off the underscore mid-word.

  • Xia

    I use discord for gaming (of course) however some of my usernames or gamer tags have an underscore in my name. When I have tried to remove text formatting so that my username is not italicized when applying for membership on some servers that relate to my games it does NOT work. You need to have an easier way for gamers to click a button and let us use underscores in things like usernames! It is infuriatingly stupid that I have to go over and over trying to tell a person how to spell my username rather than them just being able to read it and copy it properly. >:(


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