Skin tones on mobile



  • Penguin

    Good idea 👍

  • Xunnamius

    How is this still not fixed?

  • kurse

    Seriously. This is actually a huge deal for a lot of people. Makes it real hard to creat and inclusive and supportive space.

  • spacez52

    Can we please get this feature added?

  • Bazzi

    How has this not been implemented yet?

  • elc

    Word! Please implement skin tone colors for mobile. This is now tables takes in messaging and COMs apps.

  • elc

    Word! Please implement skin tone colors for mobile. This is now tables takes in messaging and COMs apps.

  • jordonam

    2 years later and we still don't have this feature. Wild

  • thainayu

    +1 too. Do it. Do it.

  • misha

    Yo Discord, what gives? Having this on 🖥️ and not 📱 is worse than not having it at all. The yellow skin is mad problematic, especially when one is forced to use it for some replies and not others!

  • alfa


  • Sitwon

    The original request was made over two years ago. Come on! This issue affects a lot of your users, it's annoying and disappointing. Especially in comparison to how Slack handles emoji skin tones.

    Mobile should not be a second-class citizen in 2021.

    Suggested definition of done:

    1. Skin-tone preference (and emoji favorites) should be saved to the user's profile and sync to all clients.
    2. The preferred skin-tone should be honored regardless of which client is used.
    3. When multiple people react with different skin-tone variants of the same emoji, they should be collapsed into a single count, but still show each distinct skin-tone in the set. (Important for voting by reaction.)
    4. When clicking on an existing emoji, the user's preferred skin-tone variant should be added to the displayed set as well as incrementing the count. 
  • Justin McGroyne (He/Him)

    This should have been implemented 2 years ago.

  • MrsMster

    The only solution I've found is to use your phone's own emojis to use the skin tone feature. The emoji will default to Discord's style with the skin tone you chose when the message is sent. However I agree that this needs to be implemented into Discord mobile so we don't have to rely on our phone's own

  • Zalagar

    I agree, It is so annoying that on PC I can change the Skin Tones, but on my Note 20, Nope, stuck with the dang default Yellow... Why is it so hard to just add it...

  • Permanently deleted user

    Annoying that I can't use my skin tone on emoji reacts... Please fix this already

  • curly.and.curvy (she/her)

    I'm adding my voice to the chorus. Discord, you have really dropped the ball on this. What is the hold up? No, on second thought, don't answer that. We don't care. Just prove to us that you actually want to be an inclusive form of social media and give us the option to set our skin tone across ALL platforms.

  • brandonmcconnell

    +1 here. It’s honestly kin of crazy skin toned emojis can’t be selected on mobile. This is available in every other app.

  • quivaca

    Mirroring others' in their frustration here. It's about to be 2022 and I'm forced to use yellow emojis to react on mobile? smh

  • DragonTweaky

    Still not there. Please add. Also please make favourites carry over between desktop and app.

  • R.R.Roberts

    Annoying that this still hasn't been implemented.

  • Iolanthe

    Just had a conversation about racism and trying to react to a message with a yellow facepalm is triggering. I didn't realize discord hadn't adopted a solid committment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Sitwon

    To everyone following, there are currently only 73 upvotes on this issue. It doesn't even make the first page when sorted by votes. I think we need a lot more votes/activity on this issue if we want to get Discord's attention. Please share it around to DEI communities and ask them to vote it up.

  • becerratops

    I did my part and upvoted, but yeah we need a lot more votes to make it a priority

  • pip

    I’d really like this to happen. Can we please make this a priority?

  • TJ Far

    It’s really troubling that this hasn’t been implemented even despite three years of requests as documented here. As others have pointed out, it’s a big barrier to inclusivity within the app.

  • Maxwell Collins

    you can, for example :man_tone1: makes a white guy with black hair, it goes up to tone 5 or 6

  • Snarky Vi'kre

    Three+ years? C'mon Discord, do better.

  • moroborob

    Sad sad this still isn’t there, a bit of a blow to everyone without white skin. And not a nitro feature please, which seems to be all your focus (I get it, you need cash, but cmonnnn).


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