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  • Bram the Aegis

    This is actually starting to anger me. They haven't acknowledged it at all. I was actually interested in buying nitro before but I don't want my emote drawer to be so cluttered. Let us either hide other emotes or put them at the end

  • Noot Noot

    This update makes my phone lag and discord crash sometimes.

    edit: honestly I don't see the need or purpose and think it should just go back but if that's such a problem for whatever reason there seriously needs to be an option to hide them .

  • Razgriz Scarlet

    Yes, i need that feature too, because every emojis from all servers are shown which makes difficult to find the desired emoji especially when we joined many servers with lots of custom emoji. It will be very nice to have an option to hide all nitro emoji.

  • redfire808

    Definitely agree for an option to hide the other emojis from other servers if you don't have nitro. Like an option of which servers emojis you want to see for a more custom. Because even if I was to get nitro some servers emojis I don't care for

  • Ramses Eitan

    Ive been waiting a while for an update to fix this or to hear something from discord about this but it seems that it wont be the case.
    I think the easiest option right now is to downgrade to a previous version of the app.
    Honestly this thing is a huge pain in the ass, the emote drawer is practically unusable if you dont have nitro, it lags like hell to even open or it outright crashes the app, doesnt matter how new or old your phone is since Ive tested this across different devices, better downgrade until discord decides to do something about it (if they ever do)

  • lieuwe_berg
    it lags like hell to even open or it outright crashes the app,
    doesnt matter how new or old your phone is

    My phone isn't super new, 2015 I believe. It doesn't lag at all for me and has never crashed the app.

  • Chris

    ```My phone isn't super new, 2015 I believe. It doesn't lag at all for me and has never crashed the app.```
    Werks for me so that must mean you're wrong!
    Please try to make a better strawman next time

  • lieuwe_berg

    I'm not saying that. They say it lags like hell on every phone, to which I respond saying it has never lagged on my phone (or any other mobile devices I've used Discord on). Actually, I've never even heard anyone speak about this problem before I found this post. And I upvoted it, if you wanna know. I don't like the mass amount of emojis either.

  • ΛΔ

    I had no idea people were having this issue before the most recent app update, which introduced it for me.

    I submitted a feedback ticket earlier today and they marked it as duplicate with this one and closed the thread. Anyway, since that thread will be deleted I’ll just post my complaint here:

    After the recent app update, discord shows a long list of frequently used emotes, many of which are unavailable because I do not have Nitro.

    The frequently used list exists for users’ convenience, to speed up their emote selection, but this change does the opposite. I have to scroll further to see the server emotes, there is more visual clutter to sort through, and sometimes I accidentally tap an unavailable emote and am interrupted by a Nitro pop up.

    If you want to show me an ad for Nitro at least be up front about it. Intrusive methods like these only engender hostility from users. When I’m using the emote picker I’m looking for an emote I can actually use. Please do not show me emotes I cannot use.

  • Silly Shiny Dragoon~ 3

    I just made a support ticket about this, didn’t expect so many other people to be as upset as I am! The update sucks. :c

  • TangyTuna

    Please revert it. Having a clogged emote selection with tons of emotes I can't use because I don't have Nitro is terrible. Having to scroll through so many servers just to see the one you used before is very annoying. I didn't update my mobile Discord in while so I had the old way where unusable emotes were hidden and access to emotes was real easy. But now, even the emote list isn't even in your server order anymore! Not even alphabetical either!

    I had my servers organized by ones I frequently checked and for easy to find emotes but the order doesn't make a difference anymore. 

  • aksu

    Looks like 8.6.3 is the last version that is usable to us folks who don't have $1000 phones. The newest 8.8.8 allows for disabling the animated emotes in the emote picker menu, but unfortunately, this does not rectify the issue. Discord still often crashes and freezes when opening the menu.

  • BOOM BOOM Fiyah

    I don’t like having to look at the massive lists of greyed emotes because I don’t have Nitro. If there could be a toggle for this or just have it fixed so that if the emote is grey Discord automatically hides it that’d be great.

  • Tsunfish

    Really disappointing to see that it got fixed and THEN unfixed. At this point can I really expect anything :/

  • digi

    Ever since I updated the mobile app on Android, I've been having the issue of the app sometimes crashing when I try to open the emoji picker. I have to force close the app and restart it.

    Not to mention I agree with the sentiment of many others in the thread - I see tons of grayed out emotes that I use in other servers in my Frequently Used, because I don't have Nitro. It's really annoying this way and honestly it feels like it's to pressure people into buying Nitro, and then I'm even less inclined to buy it just to get things to go back to being convenient.

  • Fipps

    Version 864 is still good too. I'm not updating further at the moment.

  • /home/lesnake

    Did you mean emotes from other servers?

  • Daffy
    I agree, this would be a nifty feature to have!
  • ShUwUba

    But I can see the greyed out ones for me so is there an option to turn them off? I'm using Android, and I have lots of servers I go too. Sadly, when I want to find an emote, all the nitro only ones are in the way and it's frustrating. Is there an option in Discord that removes the visibility of the greyed out ones?

  • paulqtie


  • Meep

    yes, 864 is still good! idk which is really the last version still hiding unusable emojis, but I tried 868 and it's already showing those unusable emojis...

  • Alf
    Good idea
  • Chandra

    When is this going to be fixed?  I'm in a ton of Discord servers and whenever I want to use an emote, I have to scroll past page after page after page of emotes I can't use.

  • bapl

    Discord provokes the use of BD because it is necessary to use plugins to remove gray emoticons.

  • deppu

    The emoji button is now an instant freeze button. You have to force close the app and open it again-- sometimes it even freezes on boot up when this happen, which then I have to force close that too.

    Discord, stop being gross. We know you want our money, but don't break your app for it. Show me a single person that likes this update.

  • Meep

    totally disgusting. let's leave discord and show it what users can do when it makes stupid decision

  • Sir Vyvre the Lone

    There are now collapse-expand arrows next to each server. I was annoyed by this, too, especially on mobile.

    Just collapse all the emotes from other servers and jump to the proper ones. If you frequently use a particular server's emotes, expand those. I do wish that it would go back to how it was, though, but Discord has the customers in mind with every change, so I trust they are making a decision based on input from users, not to sell more Nitro.


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